Is Dealing with High E2 During a Cycle Just Upping AI Dose?

I’ve first touched weights at 16, I am 27 now. I’m looking forward to starting my first cycle next month. I will start with 350mg of test p from the first week and assess how my body feels and gradually up the dosage up to 500 mg test p. The cycle will be either 12 or 14 weeks. I already purchased my Aromasin and Nolvadex for PCT.

I do only have one concern. I’ve done my research and it seems like the recommended body fat to start a cycle is <15%. So you see the best effects of the cycle and experience minimal estrogen conversion. The last time I had a dexa scan(accurate body fat test) my bf was at 14%. I’ve gained some weight in the past 1.5 years due to eating out (last gf loved eating out lol) and new job. Im scheduling another dexa scan next week to check my body fat but if i were to guess…I would be at around 20% but I have been lifting routinely for the past 3 months.

I read that the 15% benchmark is not as strict as people say. I would like to start the cycle now to look good for a college reunion(lol). Im also going to be getting regular bloodwork through my cycle. If my estrogen was to get out of control, would it be as simple as upping the Aromasin dose/taking it more often(every day to every other day)? There are football linemen/strongman athletes that have bodyfat of 35% that can go on cycles and keep their estrogen under control. I just want to know what precautions I have to take if shit really hits the fan. Is it really as simple as taking more AI?

On a sidenote, when I was 23 and just “trying out supplements” I took cellucor p6 not knowing that it was a prohormone. I had great results and I was in much worse shape than I am now. No gyno no nothing and I was probably around 25% bf at that time.

Just take Nolva daily, no Aromasin. There are alot of positive benefits to E2 as long as the T/E2 ratios are good.

Read this thread for an education on AI’s

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Increasing injection frequency will help with E2, do everyday instead of EOD.

Hello there,

This is really interesting. I didn’t even know people took Nolva on cycle until I came here. How much do people take while on cycle? If you were to go on a 12 week cycle and get off cycle for 3-4 weeks until you do your PCT, do you still continue with the Nolva in those 3-4 weeks youre off cycle?

Depends on your Test amount. Start with 20 mg/ day and move up if needed

In the future, just don’t run test at levels higher than what your body produces (~100mg/week) and let other steroids that are far superior do their job.


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Hey man, appreciate your help first of all. week 3 of cycle approaching, For the past two days I feel like my dick is disconnected from my body (lol) low libido. I think my estrogen/test ration might be a little out of wack. But just in time, I’ve scheduled a lab test by the end of the week so I’ll know for sure.

So I’m reading the stickies, this forum is the only forum that has this campaign of discouraging using AI…I was planning on using AI if I see that my E2 definitely needs to be lowered, meaning the E2 really needs it. My other option is to wait another 2 weeks and see if things get any better…drink some lemon water in the meantime while continuing to get leaner. Just wondering what you think about this plan.

I dunno who would use AI right off the bat…who would need to get told that? And just a heads up low libido is the only symptom(that i know of) I have. My mood is fine and my workouts are fine.

I practice what I preach. Here are my latest labs and I’m feeling great and have great erections (after I corrected the impacts of running an NPP cycle)

Are you about desire or the ability to perform? Not the same to me.

Have you checked your bp? High bp will also impact erection quality.


If I had to guess it would be 85% ability to perform and 15% desire? I don’t feel like I can get erections as easy as before.

I know when I’ve crashed my E2, erection quality was affected.

As you can see that we all have different opinions and we all react differently to various protocols. You’re gonna have to decide for yourself and be willing to make adjustments.

When I crash my E2 my libido DISAPPEARS. Cant even fantasize about a sexual scenario. When my e2 is rock bottom undetectable all erections are lost. I’m cruising at 150 mg a week right now and my issue is difficulty to climax. Also, if I do climax I feel like I need to wait 2 or 3 days before I try to again. I’m talking with my wife or manually. I just picked up some L Tyrosine today to see if it has to do with Dopamine production. If I dont see any difference I will try 5-HTP to see if serotonin production is effected. Serotonin makes me nervous because to much serotonin and NO CLIMAX.

how do you crash your e2? taking AI?

I’m wondering because I dont see how I can crash my E2 this early…I’m only taking 380-400mg of test p a week. I’m about to bump up to 500mg soon. I havent even touch AI.

I’m not insinuating that you have crashed your e2. I crashed mine supplementing DIM. Crashing e2 with DIM is not very common as far as I can tell. AI is certainly a way for men to crash their e2. Again, not always but it happens. Only thing to do if your having issues is pulling that bloodwork and taking an educated guess on the path forward.

You’re probably right around the point (3 weeks) that your natural levels are shutting off and the exogenous test is in the driver’s seat. Maybe it’s just your body dealing with that and in a couple weeks it’ll work itself out. Time will tell. My E2 is pretty high as well and everything is working as should be.

Hey man,

I’m gonna go check my blood pressure tomorrow. In the case of needing to lower BP during a cycle, what do you reccomend.

I’m already a participate in a boxing gym and we do a ton of HIIT workouts so my cardio is already very rigorous.

Personally, i would lower the dose of AAS. Im not one to take other drugs to treat sides from more drugs.