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Is Dan Fouts Gay?


Sorry Dan but having read loads of your other posts; it just dawned on me. Are you gay? Not that theirs anything wrong with that :cough: No really. So im going to be sad and badass enough to put together a collection of your best and gayest posts and let fellow T-men decide.
So lets get the quotes rolling:

1)"I would not touch that white girl with ... anything." Really?

2)"allow me to translate:
Natural Nate uses his 9 inch dick to f*ck dudes." Jealous?

3)"of course i did not defend myself, as i know that you are all jealous bitches that only want to steal Britt." Jealous bitches, you see us like that?

4)"what? damnit wolf ... am i going to have to drive you"

5)"those sweat pants ..."

6)"we used to say turbo in lieu of gay ... so i shall resume." I don't know what that means but it has the word "gay " in it.

7)"anyone ever had sex with you"

8)"we are the very small minority" Don't worry I bet you are not the only one Dan.



10) "disneyland"

11) "Big fillet ......to go and eat in the hotel room before bed."

12) "In the nuts"

You know what the funniest thing is guys; all of these things are just from posts he made YESTERDAY; shit this might take a while.

13) "F*ck Guy"

14) "can you jerk more?"

15)"broccoli flavored Surge?" That is the gayest thing yet.

16) "I'm going to start training like THIS so I can get an @ss like THAT"

17) "... and so the REAL whores come out of the woodwork.

props to my boys RS and BRG."

18) "i've never met a female.... I liked."

19) "I'll give him the cute butt."

20) "I am having a grand reopening of my closet door, and I am coming back out. "

21) "hard to swallow" The truth is.

22) "Get someone to keep calling and harassing him."

23) "Quite the anal guy"

24) "ephedrine killed my penis"

25) "my penis lacks: staying power."

26) "it's like me telling you that i have a hyooge penis while we're going at it"

27) " i am going to an 80s party tonight."

28) " this being gay thing is... getting me what i wanted."

29) "Danny himself is a little shy."

30) "if you want to get down with the ladies, stay the f*ck away from me." As good as admitting it really?

31) "Fuck im bored now" thats just one I threw in, i've been going witht his post for about an hour; trawling threwhis archives.

32) "i am trying to be a homo here"

33) "also, i like gay.....men"

34) "Can I be double gay?"

35) "I forgot to add to this the fact that I own all three Coldplay albums and one of the singles. I also have girls that are just friends." I only own two of them, the third I downloaded; HA!

36) "So ... I ... am ... gay."

37) "guys, PM me"

38) "I...have been....screwed."

39) "5"... "Its large"

40) I love the cock." I just made this one up because I am well past the hour mark and the new series of 24 is about to start being broadcast here, I could do many more, but these are all from your posts over the last MONTH.

Well anyway, sorry about that Dan, I just have nothing better to do in between my own personal visits to gay.com.

Dan loves cock??



He wasn't gay when I fucked him...

Oh, and I find nothing sadder than somebody taking the time to compile a list like that about somebody on here. Now THAT'S gay, and in that sense of the word, yes, there's something wrong with that...


I think Dan has just been "Oogied" by Alstan90.

Be scared Dan, be very scared.

Could Will Heffernan be his next "Oogieng" victim?

Only the Shadow knows.


Tube Steak Oogie


I've got to say no he is not gay. I know.

He just fucks around, and we play along. He has a girl friend.


No shit! That is the gayist thing I've seen on this site. How long did it take to compile that list? Dan is a Hall of fame Quarterback, 3rd best all-time IMO. Only behind Montana and Staubach. So let's show some fucking respect!!!!!!!


Does one ever really know?

Have you ever heard the expression 'Queer as a 3 dollar bill?'

\|/ 3Toes


Haha it's only a joke. He was a quarterback? I didn't know that, I know jack shit about football. Please don't find out where I live Dan. Ill have to change my adress. Seriously though; don't be pissed.


C'mon now. Don't make the Englisman believe that we have a celebrity in our midst...