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Is D-bol Worth It?

Im lookin into some type of roids and people keep talking to me about dbol as a lower level roid that works and wont mess you up as much as others will… my question is whether or not it works well. do the muscles dissapear when you get off the roids? i read some forums where people lost almost all of what they gained…if anyone has good or bad experiances i would like to hear it… thanks alot

D-bol is great for quick strength and weight gains at the start of the cycle. It gives you the “swollen” look. However if ran by itself most of these gains will dissapear. Alot of the gains that are made are purely water retention. If this is your first cycle run the dbol for 4-5 weeks along with test for 8. If you dont know what im talking about you have a lot of reading to do

here’s some info on the beginner thread about d-bol…scroll about 2/3 down the page:


one thing i thought was interesting when i read this, was that d-bol (chemically speaking) is very similar to Equipoise…

If this is going to be your first cycle I’d keep it as simple as possible. Which means I would only run Test (longer esters) with the proper ancillaries.

Cyclobush posted a shitload of AAS profiles in the steroid newbie thread.


D-bol will put some hardcore mass on you though, and fast!!! But you’re allso gonna lose lots of it after.

ok then… so ill lose alot of the gain once i get off dbol…what do i have to do to prevent as much loss as possible? and on another topic…whats good for blocking the amount of estrogen gains tha might be associated with dbol?

dude, you gotta read the beginner thread before most of the guys are gonna give you much more info here…seriously.

probly a good idea… thanks

It works best on your 1st cycle, bridge it with something else at the end of your cycle.

thanks…im just glad people are talking to me so i can learn shit… i was told to look at the newbie section first… i did but the thing is, im not a newbie to wrkouts and meal managements… iv been working out for sev years and i eat well and im in dam good shape…

i have just never taken any suppliments and i know the ones from gnc dont realy work too well because of friends that have taken it… so i am just a newbie when it comes to suppliments. and trust me im soakin in everything that people are willing to tell me… thanks alot guys

by begginer thread he didnt mean the begginer forum he meant the steroid newbie thread