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Is Crystal Light Safe to Drink?


What do you guys think about this? Is it safe to drink..my majority of liquid would be from water but is crystal light okay to just drink around 16-20 ounces a day


Oh, for the love of Pete......

No, man, don't drink Crystal Light. First sip, you'll literally gain 5 pounds, and all of it will go to that part of your stomach where you have a lot of difficulty maintaining teh hawt abz.


the love of Pete??

you calling me gay bro??


kidneys will explode. seriously, haven't you heard all the people dropping dead of too much crystal light?
America's bad health is because people drink too much of this stuff, and don't say it's too much HFCS, or fast food or lack of activity... it's the light...


drink all the crystal light you want. enjoy yerself.




in case you dont get the humor, 16-20 oz chrystal light is NOTHING. that is completely fine and more would be too


I dunno, meth is a helluva drug.

wait, what crystal are you talking about?


My God -lol, in the past, I've had 3 Gallons of the stuff a day mixed with BCAA's and I feel great :slight_smile:



thanks guys!


OP... Not only is it safe but it is absolutely delicious


yah, great pre-workout


it's the devil's piss