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Is Crossfit Racist?


I had a 'thing' for crossfit a while back. I have certain hangups about workouts. I like them to look good on paper.
While searching for unrelated crossfit info (if I'm doing something, I like to know what its enemies have to say), I stumbled across this:

I don't know much about racism. I never saw a black man in person until I was 12. When I did, I knew from my father's speeches at dinnertime that I was to treat him with the same courtesy that I would treat any other person. I may have made him a little uncomfortable by staring, but I didn't mean to. His skin seemed beautiful in colour, and I couldn't stop staring. I imagine he would have found this idea a bit weird. I don't know if this makes me a racist. I hope not.

I was appalled by the idea that I was involved in something that harboured racist attitudes. I read the article, and it seemed to me that this was something that black people didn't like, rather than something that didn't like black people, but I couldn't shake the suspicion that I'd done something wrong.

You see, in my view any organisation of significant size that does not have an active equal opportunities policy is part of the problem. No, hear me out. Any business- and crossfit is a business- that has a national, if not global, workforce and does not contain significant numbers of minorities should be looking at ways to redress this balance. You could also argue that crossfit constitutes an effort to 'reclaim' the higher levels of athletics for white people.

What the hell is going on here


Everyone knows that black people get ripped at a playground in the hood while eating ramen and watermelon. They don't need crossfit.


Oh come on. I'm sure there are black people who hate exercise and whom watermelon makes ill.

I might be wrong, but I suspect THIS piece of writing:

Is racist in and of itself.


Only the cursed ones are allergic to watermelon. Satan is laughing his ass off.


Top ramen tuna.


Dat hyphy food


Shit, my cheap ass mom told me that was Jewish food and to shut up and eat it.


WTH is going on here? NOTHING!! If a black person walked into a crossfit gym they would gladly take there money for a membership. That being said I'm white and have zero interest in anything crossfit. I guarantee if you asked any of my black friends if they noticed anything discriminating about crossfit they would say they don't give two shits about it.


It depends on the person, rather black or white. I compete in strongman and see that as a dominant white sport. But for me I don't seemit as a way to say that since I am black we need to be good at everything. I played football from age of 7 to 22 and loved it but saw that I wasn't going anywhere, I was ok at it but not great. I enjoyed moving weird objects, lifting stones , getting bloody noses trying to lift something 10 times heavier than me. So I see there are a few black me and women in crossfit just like strongman. So it depends on what the person is into. If I know how to ice skate shit I would love to be on the ice laying someone the fuck out and scoring a goal. All depends on what the person likes.


Its only jewish food if you have to make it in a mug using the hot water from a coffee machine.





Point of order: If your mother didn't make you eat chicken soup with matzo meal dumplings in it as a child, quit your bitching.


"Is Crossfit racist?" Yes, very much so. We better shut them all down! But before we do, what will we do with the following affiliate???



what isnt racist nowadays?


masturbation! wait...that's not true. some prefer their devices to be certain colors.





You just are using a source that's sole purpose is to denigrate blacks.


Oh. I thought it was an anti racist blog. Clearly I hadn't read the other posts.



I feels so oppressed right now.