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Is Credit Due?



Curious to know what people think of these guys? I am by no means a fan it's just they train in my home town and seem to have been ascribed legendary status, all I want to know is what you guys think(although having lurked here for a while I can pretty much second guess some of the responses). Link attached with video and pictures and stats near the bottom of the page.



that video on that link is easily the top 5 gayest things ive ever seen


I wish one would train low volume high freq and the other high volume low freq. Perfect case for that here


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Yes, good work on being twins.


Lol@ Blackaggar- which bit inparticular...or just all of it?


What do you mean? Are you getting at that that is the only aspect of them worth a mention? lol


Ok this was gayer than a Micheal Bolton concert


x2 I barely read anything before I exited.


What the fuck did I just watch?

They look awesome for sure and deserve credit for hard work, but there are plenty of bigger, (much) stronger and more ripped dudes on this site alone.

Also they paradoxically seem to like zyzz yet come of as incredibly boring.



I'm glad I wasn't at work with someone walking by my desk when I opened that link



The irony is that they are like this in real life.


I don't suppose anyone got as far down as the stats but is it just me or do 22 inch legs not correspond with the rest of their physiques?


Yes - their leg development is seriously lacking if you check the pics (the only pic that shows anything of their legs is the top one but that's enough to see they don't work them much); upper/lower balance very much needed!


well really its why They'll go far. Makes them unique.


Clunge everywhere


The barbarian brothers did the twin bodybuilder thing WAY better. I dislike these skinny legless fucks.


x2 those guys were crazy, the movie they were in was fairly entertaining too