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Is Creatine Safe?

Is Creatine safe and if it it is Which is the best creatine product to use?

Yes, creatine is perfectly safe.

Use the powdered kind, as the liquid kind isn’t nearly as good. Pretty much any reputable brand is good, since creatine is creatine. Don’t waste your money on the super-creatine mixes; they’re simply a mix of creatine, sugar and loads of bullshit.

Don’t take it! It will kill you!

thanks Bush

It is important to note that Creatine breaks down VERY easily when it is mixed with liquid. It turns into am inert and useless substance, rendering it safe, but useless. (?creatinine? - I forget)

If you consume creatine with your carbu-post WO protein drink, drink it as soon as the creatine is mixed.

Actually, I have read information showing that creatine is fine up to 8 hours after mixing it, and even then, degradation is very slow.

The degradation happening is more of a problem in liquid creatine, which I warned you not to get.

There is evidence to suggest that creatinine (the breakdown product) is anything but safe. However check the reports out for yourself…

This link should take you to the articles on creatine and creatinine found at pubmed. If not I am a dope! Check the reviews out. These are the most useful


creatine is not safe AT ALL

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Creatine is one of the safest products you can buy. I should know I am doing my university disertation on it. Any sort of creatine monohydrate will be fine but as said don’t both with the liquid version is a waste of money. About a 20g per day should be ok for most people if your a bit bigger take a bit more., but it is dependent on your lean muscle mass and not total body mass. The dose, for best results, should be split in to approx. 4 smaller doses over the day so for you 4x 5g per day. This means that as much of the creatine as poss is uploaded into the muscle if take in one big dose MUCH less will be absorbed.

Side effects include a mass increase (this could initially be down to water retention)and increases in strength.

This is an amazing product and almost everyone is safe to use it. Although due to some research in this area suggesting that it if you have renal problems they could be made worse, those with this issue should not take it. And it cannot be advised for anyone under 18 to take due to lack of research.

DON’T take creatine, your liver will explode, just like it will if you would ever take steroids.

Oh yeah, don’t eat more than 60 gram of protein per day or you will get kidney failure…

Most credible sources don’t recommend anything more than 5 grams per day anymore claiming that additional creatine is a waste.

Yeah, I think the stuff has been around for nearly a decade now, and I dont think a single study has shown anything negative about it.

Actually, I think most new studies have shown more and more positive things that creatine does.

I’ve never had problems with muscles cramping up, but I have heard that you do want to consume additional fluids if you’re taking creatine, as creatine causes your muscles to absorb more water, so it makes sense that you’d want to consume additional fluids to keep everything in balance.

I read an article on t-mag not too long ago on creatine, I think it was by David Barr. I beleive he stated that the best time to take creatine is directly after a workout, and any other time you take it, most of it goes to waste. So now I just take it on workout days - and I haven’t noticed much difference in performance, so I guess he was right!