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Is Creatine Safe for a 14 Year Old?


Hey everyone so my mum has finally given me so money to buy supplements. Im buying whey protein, casein, and some creatine. Im wondering if creatine monohydrate is safe for a 14 year old to use and if so can anyone give me directions on the amount to take.
Also my biggest question will it in any way stunt my growth.
Im about 5ft6.


You can ask this in your other thread.

Food>supplements any day. Don’t even think about suppplements if you aren’t eating enough, due to financial problems.

Use that money to buy your mom flowers. It’ll go farther than you’re creatine will.


Safe? Absolutely yes.

Necessary, especially when your regular diet is questionable? Absolutely not.

Read the “Kid’s Nutrition and Supplements” section I wrote here. You don’t need to be buying whey and casein, anyway. Fix your diet first, like other-Chris said.

No. Creatine has nothing to do with height.

Worth repeating. :bouquet: