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Is Creatine Mono a Type of Phosphocreatine?


Is Phosphocreatine a longer name for creatine? Or is Creatine Monohydrate a different type of creatine?

I ask due to a recent article indicating creatine is showing early signs of successful testing for depression/bipolar issues at the University of Utah Medical Center. It also mentions the use of Uradine and I wonder if they mean Uridine. The article is found below:



This is your third post since october 2002 and you're starting a thread on creatine. This made my day so much that I'm gonna answer your question.

Creatine monohydrate is absorbed from the gut and transported into cells, where creatine kinase borrows a phospate group from ATP. That is phosphocreatine. When ATP runs low, it will want the phospate back so the cell can keep using ATP as energy.

Any creatine will do, and creatine mono is the cheapest.


Thank you Kakno and you are right. I don't post often and Creatine is an old topic. But this research regarding it is new and anytime I need details on supplements and what is worth it or not, I do turn to T-Nation. Even though I am not a body builder, I remain physically active and relatively healthy for my age (50 is almost here). I also know that this is perhaps the best site for real authoritative knowledge on products.