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Is Creatine Essential?


I have read a few times that Creatine is the best post workout supplement to take, I personally just have Whey, is Creatine the no.1 post workout supplement to take or does it depend on the person?


Essential? No. Useful? Yes.


serious question: do you know the definition of "essential"? if so, the answer to your question should be obvious.


There is a ton of science to back up creatine monohydrate and its very very affordable. I would recommend using and see if you like it.

I personally notice absolutely nothing while supplementing with it. I guess I'm a "non-responder".


People make good use of this site and the net and their hundreds of articles and discussions on creatine.


I laugh every time Brick makes a post. I love that avatar. LMAO.


I used to think I was a non reponder but I bought 2 kg of the stuff so just went with it. 5g every morning and extra 5g PWO for 4 weeks nothing, then it started to kick in. It's so cheap everyone should at least try it, and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give it 5-6 weeks taking everyday before dismissing it. OP take BOTH whey and creatine and take some sugars with it.

Get plain Creatine Monohydrate.


not essential...but if you dont eat alot of meat it can help you out


not essential...but if you dont eat a lot of meat it can help




I used to look around a lot about creatine, I believe most "non-responders" respond after higher dosages, usually.


I've heard that. I still supplement with creatine though, because its so cheap. I'm currently using 5grams pre and post workout. I've done 10grams before and after in the past with no difference. I never seem to hold water weight with it and my progress in the gym is independent of whether or not I'm using it. Times when I just simply run out of creatine and I'm too lazy to pick up some more, I experience absolutely no changes. lol. Like I said though, I'll keep it around because its so affordable.


It's basically a steroid!


I prefer it preworkout.


yup, you have to be careful with that creatine rage.


I can't think of a reason outside of knowing you are a non responder to not take it. It is ridiculously cheap and a lot of proven science behind it.

Sure it isn't essential. The only things that are essential is food and water.


I am not sure how people can put themselves in the non-responder group. I mean, who measures their variables that closely and for long enough to find results? Its effects are not instantaneous, easy to feel, etc.