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Is Creatine a Quality Supplement for Bodybuilding?


Hi you all Im new here and Im just now getting back into bodybuilding and I wanted to know if Creatine a safe supplement to take for bodybuilding? So my fellow Muscle fam help me out. If you know of any nice supplement for me to take then let me know.



its the worst hyped up product ever

thats why people still take it after many years

and also why Biotest sells it

come on..


It's been used widely for about twenty years now, and is one of very few supps that has actually been clincally proven to work. No serious side effects have been found. Worst case scenario you get a bout of the runs, but even that is rare.
Whether it works or not depends on your genetics. About a third of all people are non responders. If you are one of them, there really is no point in taking it, so keep track of your gains. If you experience nothing more than your normal gains, you're probably throwing money out the window. If, however, you are a responder, you can expect some pretty fast strength gains. You will also add some size because of water retention. Some of the water will unfortunatly be extra cellular, which means that you will probably end up a little more bloated than normal.

EDIT: Also make sure to buy a micronized monohydrate. It must be micronized to ensure good absorption in the digestive tract. Monohydrate is also cheaper than fancy stuff like kre-alkalyn that probably works no better, if at all.


never heard of it


Back before the days of "micronized" creatine, when it came as a bunch of rocks that cost the soul of one neglected orphan, there was a legend born.

A baseball player in my freshman class had brought a sandwich baggie with two servings of the 'tine to school. He was taking it at the first block break, and the tiny, dwarf-like librarian caught him, drug him bodily to the principal's office.

"He's doing CRACK, in SCHOOL!" I heard her rage to the principal.

The principal, having seen enough Miami Vice to know what the fuck was what, poured a single soul's worth of the crystal onto his desk, licked his pinkie finger, and sampled the not-a-powder.

He laughed.

"Thank you, Miss Armour, that'll do."

In a huff, she scuttled from the room.

The principal/baseball coach, the player, and the assistant coach laughed, they laughed so.

'Twas the creatine.


It works great for several people I've trained, and many more people I've known, but doesn't seem to do shit-all for me.

Maybe I should try the sock method.


It's been tested a lot, and seems to be totally safe, and effective.

It works for me - I gained weight, got stronger, and recovered noticeably faster, when I first started taking it (I'm a really good responder). I took 5 grams with every meal for the first month (30 grams a day) and dropped it to 10-15. Nowadays I take 10 grams a day, but sometimes miss a day on the weekends.


Creatine is a very beneficial supplement and should be in the list of all aspiring Bodybuilder's supplement arsenal. I recommend creatine monohydrate with doses of 5 grams pre and postworkout.




This guy is going to be so confused.


It's no good, the water retention will make you feel like you have PMS


OP, use the sock method. The main reason some people don't absorb it well is that they take it orally.



creatine in teh sock

soak your balls in fish oil. It doesnt get much simpler for gains fast like roidszs