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Is Crashing a Foolproof Test of Potency?


This week I saw a youtube video from ‘formula secrets’ about how to test purity/potency of gear. I have a few vials I received from popular internet sources so I decided to test them. I took 2 separate syringes of test cyp and test prop and put them into the fridge for more than 12 hours. I checked and there was no particles or cloudiness. I put them back in for another 12 hours, still nothing

Have I purchased bad gear? Is it always conclusive that if there is no separation then the gear is fake?

Thank you.


I have heard you only can do that freezer test with test enanthate due to it’s melting point.


Why not just simply purchase a steroid test kit? It will tell you exactly what’s in your gear.


I have ordered a lot from Canada. I just wondered about things while I wait.