Is Chrysin and Zinc Affective for E2

ask doc for arimidex , hes says he recommends chrysin and zinc, for e2 control, whata ya think of this doctor recommendation

Chrysin is expensive and poorly absorbed. Can be on for a guy who has lower T levels but prospects or poor controlling E2 with TRT. Zinc is a minor player, you can only [safely] take to much. More to the point, do not have a zinc deficiency. Would be nice to have the context of your prior posts, have suggested that …

Sorry to dig this up from the grave, but I was wondering if I take BOTH Zinc and Chrysin (say for instance, 50 mg Zinc AND 500 mg Chrysin together), would it inhibit aromatase enough to manage E2?

EDIT: I understand Chrysin is poorly absorbed by the body, but I read that if taken along with piperine, absorption is improved. So maybe three things - zinc, chrysin, and piperine, along with a little copper to balance the zinc?

Still not very effective with piperine. Can be helpful for some situations, but will not deal with the demands of a high-normal TRT context.

Zinc can reduce E2 if one was deficient. But large amounts do not make sense and can affect the ability to absorb other minerals.

Some chrysin products will cost more than AI drugs. Some products may not contain enough chrysin to do anything.

lef suggests 1500mg chrysin per day