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Is Chrysin An Anti-Estrogen Supplement?



I have a quick question for you I purchased some Alpha Male from T-Nation but I forgot to get some M to go with it. I don't want to wait for shipping again so I went to the local vitamin place and picked up a product called Chrysin made by afi (americas's finest Inc). They tell me it is an anit-estrogen product. Is this an OK product to use until I purchase my next order of Alpha Male and M? Could you tell me what would be a good dosage? The supplement fact are 100% pure chrysin (5.7 dihydroxyflavone) 250mg.

Thank you


Hi MrPD,

Chrysin, despite promising in vitro data many years ago, never demonstrated any significant in vivo activity due to extremely poor oral bioavailability. In short, I would get a refund.

Also, as I explained before, there's no reason you can't use Alpha Male without M or any other anti-estrogen product.

Hope that helps.


that is what universal nutrition has always used in thier animal products.
as for if it works, i don't think so.


I think what he is prolly talking about is how people use M on off days from Alpha Male. Like the 5 on 2 off split, use M on the two off days.

I have seen plain old vitex sold in stores, however its probably crappy quality and it also doesnt have some of M's other ingredients as well. Either way, get a refund.


There was a related thread the other day in which I posted a study abstract on this topic.