Is Cell-Tech hurting progress

I’m going on springbreak soon and like most guys going the goal is to get laid. SInce most girls care what you like like on the beach and not how big I’ve been cutting hard. I started the T-dawg diet and Meltdown training. I’ve been using Cell-Tech after my workouts and thats pretty much my only carbs for the day besides maybe 20-30 others here and there. SO, do I need to reach ketosis for this diet to be effective and if so will all the carbs(75g) and sugar(75g dextrose) keep me from this. I’m at 6’ 195 lbs. right now with about 11-12% BF. I would really like to get to 7 or 8 if I can but there is only 6 weeks left. Any advice greatly appreciated.

Celltech is nothing more than sugar and creatine with some minerals, ALA and flavoring. If this is worth the cost to you, stick with it. However, since you are trying to get lean, 75 g sugar per serving will definitely hinder your progress. If you can respond to plain creatine without sugar, by all means, use that route instead. You’ll save a lot of money as well. If you must have ALA, buy it separately.

I cannot really help you with the diet part too much since I can stay ~8% bf eating whatever I like, but I know when I have protein at 200-300 grams/day and keep carbs under 150 or so grams a day, minimal fat (with the exception of fish oil), I tend to get more cut. Good luck.

If you want to go into Ketosis (heavy fat burn from a no carb diet), then Cell Tech will ruin any chances of this happening. Sugar of any form will not allow your body to start burning ketones for energy because it is burning off what? The 75 Grams of Dextrose in the Cell tech. Now if you just want to reduce calories, then you figure it into your total calories for the day and go from there.