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Is Casein a Must Before Bed?


Is casein protein a must or can i just use cottage cheese before bed??


Either or


I've used casein quite a lot, I always keep a tub handy for meal replacement purposes. Cottage cheese is just as good before bed though.


i make a lil snack with both before bed.
usually add in some berries to.
almost like icecream or yogurt! ^_^

1/2C cottage cheese
1 packet splenda/stevia/whatever
1 scoop vanilla Metabolic Drive
1/2C low-calorie milk
a lil bit of water (depends)

  1. mix
  2. blend
  3. pour into a bowl (add berries/fruit)
  4. freeze for about half hour
  5. enjoy


They're both fine.


cottage cheese and oatmeal are great...you can even put casein in your oatmeal after you heat it...blends right in...if you get the right flavor that is, for example vanilla. Also use milk not water, tastes better in my opinion.


Cottage cheese is a natural source of Casein protein


Yeahp. Eat a buncho cottage cheese with almond butter. Tastes amazing.


get this... cottage cheese... and casein protein... are the SAME THING


I think casein is absolutly necessary if you don't want to slip into a catobolik state while sleeping IMO.

No kidding lol!


niether is a MUST.




x2. That being said, I like to have either casein, eggs, or some kind of meat protein before bed.


Lol. As Davinci said, I would do some sort of slow protein or protein + fat combo to slow abosrption. I do it out of habit, but it honestly contributes a very neglible amount to my progress.


nuts are good too


Maybe this should've been posted in SAMA?


what? how?

anyway, i agree with elusive, as usual.


how do you not get that?


Red meat ftw


Cottage cheese is fine. Personally, I like to use a 12 hour blend before bed.