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Is Building the Monolith a Leader or an Anchor?

I would love to program Building the Monolith but it doesn’t appear to be in 5/3/1 Forever. Based on the amount of assistance work I am inclined to believe it is an anchor, but I am often wrong.

If it’s an anchor, what leaders do you run first? If it’s a leader, what anchor do you run afterward?

It’s a challenge. I ran it without a leader or an anchor.


Ah. So then what do you run when the challenge is over?

I’m running God is a Beast, but you should run whatever you need to run to meet your goals.

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Right, I should have been more specific. It looks like I just dive into standard programming once the challenge is done. I read through the BBB challenge and the 5/3/1 challenge looking for a “what’s next?” but didn’t see one. I should have assumed we just get right back into the cycles.Thank you.