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Is Boron Worth Taking?

Obviously Boron isn’t going to help much for test and that’s not why I’m going to take it. I’m asking because I do have a whole bottle of boron here that I stopped taking because I thought it was what was causing my low T, however after my second blood test, my T levels were lower although slight, from 395 to 344. Anyway I did notice I did get hot flashes while taking boron, although I’m not sure if it was the boron, because I got them even 2 months after I stopped. I was taking 9mg of boron a day, because I thought it would boost T levels and I was taking it to neutralize fluoride from the tap water. I pretty much want to know, is it even worth taking boron for other health benefits, such as strong bones, helping rid the body of toxicity and just general health?

there appears to be some very minor benefits, but nothing to get excited about.

I’ll certainly not be breaking into houses and sucking it out the back of fridges anytime soon.

Well, I tried Boron again at a lower does than before and I’ve since had testicular pain. I stopped taking it a few days ago. Hopefully the pain subsides soon.