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Is Bodybuilding a Sport?


My name is Dave and this is my first post, i just hope you won't get me wrong. I have PLENTY of respect for bodybuilders and I think it's awsome the competition and all the stuff.
I love bodybuilding.
But here is the thing. Is it really a Sport? Are they athletes?

Is posing and dancing displaying a developed physique really a demostration of athletism?
Is it?
I know, I know, I know. What requires to get to the competition, the weight lifted bla bla bla. So? I'm sure most of the girls on a beauty contest go to the gym, but is it a sport?
I mean, the ACTUAL competition, is it really a display of that strength? or a display of a strong physique?
So, what ya guys think. A sport or not?


Good thing you showed up.

We have only discussed this enough times to get us into the "trillionth" range of numbers. Me personally, I lose count after 5 billion.


It depends on who you ask.



It doesn't really matter.



No its definitely not a sport



It's the ugly love child of a three way between art, sport and science. Only problem is no one is really sure who the father is


If you get judged by how you look while you do it, it is not a sport. That doesn't mean that people who do it are not athletes or athletic, but it is not a sport.


I didn't read a word you just said. I'm sure you'll understand why.


I second this...



damn it...no more debates.


Yeah right, just because Wikipedia says so BB is not a sport? Come on.


It says it is both a sport and art.

I could care less. These debates usually only pop up so one group can say it isn't a sport as if that lessens it.


It is what you want it to be.

For me, it is spaghetti.


Haha what a delicious answer.

I liked what this dude PaddyM said in the link you posted:

Offtopic: I like these kind of posts... Keeps me from being bored when I don't have nothing else to do.


Spaghetti with a lot of meat sauce!!!

I agree....who cares


Yup, lol @ that
While I agree with Bodybuilding not being a sport, lol at drawing conclusions from WIKI-FUCKING-PEDIA.

About the English language you sure couldn't.


Lot of Pro x meat sauce eh??? ewwwwwww




I'm sorry, but bodybuilding being an art?
aww, c'mon guys.


It's not, but cheerleading is.