Is Biotin/DHT Shampoo Effective While on TRT?

Something tells me it’s all BS. But I’m asking anyway. Does using a Biotin or dht killing shampoo at all help or slow hair loss when on trt?

I’m thinking waste of money!

My brother uses shampoo that does help with regrowing hair, but it’s not going to regrow all your hair. Biotin can interference with lab tests.

I’ll wait for gene editing.

Can biotin cause elevated liver enzymes by any chance? My last blood work showed increased alt and ast just over double. The dr calls me and asks if I drink…and I don’t drink. They think it’s the finasteride and said they’ll retest in 3mo. But I’ve been on finasteride before and liver enzymes were normal.

I take this once a day for my hair

They also said they believe the extra 13 pds I’ve gained since February (staying in, eating like crap…) could also be responsible? She said some people get fatty liver syndrome. And told me to cut out all the crappy food and get back to the healthy foods.

Biotin does not affect liver damage markers.