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Is Biosignature Wrong/Waste of Money?


A Biosignature practitioner has told me that based on my results, I have:
--- low testosterone (based on my pectoral measurement - 10.2)
---high levels of cortisol (based on my umbilical measurement -24mm)
---high insulin resistance (based on my subscap measurement - 12mm)
--- that I have a faulty liver function (based on my quadriceps measurement 14mm + calf 8.3mm)

Supra iliac was also high at 26mm. I am 28 years old, and would describe my physique as skinny fat. I have been weight training hard for the last 2 years since leaving the Army.

So I went to my doctor for some blood tests, and it came back that my testosterone levels are within the normal ranges, my cortisol levels are OK, and my liver is fine, as is my blood sugar levels. Does this mean that Biosignature is incorrect, or is there much more to it. The practitioner is a PICP level 3 coach.

Thanks Coach


"In-Range" does not mean optimal as it includes 90% of the population...take a look around, do 90% of the population look healthy and fit to you?

Without your actual number, in-range doesn't mean shit.

that said, I also think bio-sig is probably full of shit as well...


Basically what VT said. The "in-range" really doesn't hold any validity. I'm pretty sure they have changed what is "in-range" on a regular basis. If you were in the bottom range, and just 1 point above, you'd be considered "fine" although you'd probably have the sex drive of a dead chicken. If you were at the upper limits (also fine) you'd probably have trouble concentrating unless you were locked in a dark room without internet access.

Is Bio-Signature valid? I'm pretty sure even Poliquin himself has said that it is based off "typical" results.
So it is more of a "people who had similair results, had these problems". if you need to squeak out every last bit of potential you have, or that is something you can afford to do with the ungodly amount of supplements that Bio-Sig recommends, then go for it.

If not, for your Test, take some Alpha Male. For your Cortisol, get some more sleep. Insulin resistance, lose some fat. And liver function, read Liver Let Die by John Meadows, and do everything on there.


Awesome advise from both of you, especially the info about being "in range".

Amazing lads, thanks very much, much appreciated