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Is Bio-Identical TRT a Bunch of BS?


I just met with a compounding phamacist to discuss TRT. He gave me a take home blood and saliva test to take and then send into ZRT. The test will be $344 if I decide to do it.

While sitting in his office I saw a ton of info on "bio-identical" HRT and also saw a package of T Cyponate. He was an advocate of and I feel the docs he works with are of the "bio-identical" camp. My gut feeling is the T Cyp and not the bio-identical is the way to go.

Is bio-identical a bunch of crap? I don't want to be paying for a bunch of herbal supplements.


T-Cyp is bio-identical. The T is bound to an oil ester. Once seperated in the body, the Testosterone is identical to what your body produces.

The bio-identical craze is really related to female hormone replacement as there are synthetic non-bio-identical hormones woman have been prescribed (and continue to be prescribed) that do a great deal of harm to the body. I am not aware of any synthetic testosterone replacement options, anyone else know of any?

If the pharmacist compounds you a cream, he or she will be using the same basic 'stuff' that comes in T-Cyp shots less the ester plus extra things needed for transdermal application.

Creams are good (IF you can absorb them) but you should be aware of the alternatives and costs.


Bio-identical is NOT BS. I feel like a champ on a product that contains it, Androgel.

Solvay needs to employ me.


Well, gels generally do not have esters on them. Injection testosterone that lasts for over a day has esters in them. "Bioidentical" is sort of a misnomer because they all behave almost exactly the same in the body - though with a shot you don't have to apply it everyday.