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Is Bill Phillips gay?

You guys are gonna love this one: My sister called me yesterday and asked if I had seen the book “body for life”. I told her I had, and had bought one for my library. It is the least looked at book there (Cat and the hat gets read more than that one). Anyway, she asked me if he was gay. I laughed and said that I wondered the same thing. I met him at the Vegas no holds barred and he had that gay, joe wieder whine to his voice, he is always surrounded my muscle guys, etc. I told her I always wondered about JOE. She also said the cover of the book made her sick every time she looked at it, so she threw it away. Yeah, I wondered why he did that cheesy gay cover myself.

Hi. My name is Cotton Underpants man. And this is my story. A few years ago a man put me on. Then he soiled all over me because all of the HMB he was taking gave him terible diarhhea. It smelled so bad. Then, all of a sudden, he started running across the streets of Las Vegas like some sort of maniac saying that he was stopping traffic. Everyone saw me, totally exposed, holding a brown-eyed baby. It was the most humiliating experience I ever had. Shortly therafter, this man decided to throw me out. He said that, as far as underwear goes, I was “too hardcore.” He started wearing panties and lingerie so that he could “please a different audience.” Man, I always suspected that he was gay, but that’s when I knew the truth!

I doubt he’s gay just because the people he works and hangs out with are muscular (then TC would be gay too!). But he has taken on a more ‘spiritual’ tone lately (hey it’s easy to be spiritual when you have hundreds of millions of dollars in the bank!).

I was at EAS headquarters when they had the grand opening. Bill got me drunk on Daniel Marshall cigars and coors lite then led me into what he called the “purple pashion pee pee room”. It had pics of me, Jay cutler, and…Greg Kovacs. Not too mention some real sick shit, i left immediately. Then he started yelling as I left “I’m not gay, I’m not gay, I nailed Amy Cussack.” Real, real, strange, that man.

I happen to be very spiritual. And if you think that I’m gay, well then, I think you are a gigantic piece of metal. And I won’t forget you next time there is a lightening storm. ZAP!

Sorry God…Holy shit, didn’t mean to offend you! :wink:

Maclar, TC wasn’t very muscular back then. In fact he looked like a normal gym guy. I know he has put on a lot of muscle since then. And what I was talking about was the underwear oiled up posing boys. He seemed to knock down bodybuilding contests, but then there he was more and more trying to hang with the big boys. Hey, don’t get me wrong, he looked good, I just think he liked showing off too much. And not with girls either. Most of his old photos are alone or with other guys. Remember his cruise photos? Look real close and you can see a teenie tiny boner in his trunks when he’s hugging the gang in the water. LOL

LOL Bodz…hey, who knows. You could be right. But I thought he was dating Ami Cusack? Maybe it’s just a decoy!!!

Is Bill Phillips gay? Yes. So is Charles Polliquin, but not in the same way as Bill, Bill I suspect has sex with other men, while I feel that Polliquin probably tries to have sex with his own arms. That way, if he impregnates his arms they will be that much bigger and he can have that much more impressive a logo for his crap. What a loser.

Is Bill Phillips gay? Heck, I wondered if he was hetro!

He’s not gay, but his boyfriend is!

I wondered the same thing back in the Glory Days of MM2K, now that everything he does comes across gay, it’s becoming that much more believable. He was way to excited to feel up the physiques of the original Body For Life dudes.

Maclar, yeah, Rock Hudson had everyone fooled too. Everyone except Jim Naybors. Remember the old joke. “Hey did you hear Jim Naybors died? Yeah, found him bobbin’ up and down on the Hudson”. Oh, and Bill and Ami. Man what a joke. I watched the two of them all weekend. No spark, no nothing. Yeah, he’s been dating her for how long now? Nice try Bill.

I never suspected he was gay until i saw him on t.v,he looks like a hair dresser.

Maybe he’s dating Kal Yee! teeeheheheehee

Maclar…LOL…now that’s funny.

Hmmm…lets see, I went to the BFL website, and for some reason, the inspirational photos…had 90% guys…only 3 ladies…then his “Moment in time” inspirational photos were also mostly of guys, and last but not least…is it true that his original book that failed was called “buttocks for life?” perhaps thats really why the t-mag guys high tailed it out of there!!! I know it would have set me running!

once I heard his voice on the"Body of work" video- it was the first thought that popped into my head