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Is BETA-7 Worth a Shot?


I've been a member for about a year and a half and I've been checking the forums for just as long, but this is my first actual post of any form.

anyway, I have a question: is Biotest's BETA-7 worth purchasing? I consider myself an intermediate weightlifter (somewhere just short of making it my life). I do take supplements (multivitamin, whey protein, creatine, vasal dilaters, and muscle milk - controversy and all).

I read up on the articles and thought about maybe giving BETA-7 a chance if it was worth it, so I figured I'd ask for you guys' advice. Thanks in advance.


I'm hesitant to use many things that I can't be sure of actually working. I've tried a few things in the past and never noticed anything out of it and couldn't be sure if it was my training and diet or if the supplement actually did something.

So I stick with food supplements (Metabolic Drive, Surge) and ZMA and occasionally use HOT-ROX Extreme when I'm trying to get leaner and Spike Shooters if I need a kick in the butt!


Well, I'll no doubt be perceived as bias, but yeah, it's definitely worth a shot.

Hell, if I work things right, I'll have every pro hockey player and every major league pitcher on the stuff in a year or two.

Sure, pitchers and hockey players aren't weightlifters and you are, but if you think creatine is a valuable bodybuilding supplement, then you'd no doubt feel the same way about BETA-7.

The ability to do more reps than you normally could is going to equal additional muscle.


I have consistently used it since Biotest released it and for a regular guy who lifts to stay in shape, but isn't competitive I definitely believe it has helped me. It increases muscular endurance and my rep capacity has grown considerably since I started. Check out my workout blog for an example.



If you can afford it, buy it yesterday.


I have enough to last for a couple more months, and I hoping that I see another "deal" in the next couple months, so i can stock up.

I took it initially, and didn't notice much, but then i stopped taking it...that's when i noticed I was getting tired faster, burning out during workouts sooner. Now I take it again, good stuff.


Same here. Just got back on it a couple weeks ago and have started noticing the difference. Now, I only notice this difference when I'm doing higher rep stuff. I still feel the same, with or without Beta-7, for my low rep, high weight work.


You see, therein lies the problem. I've never seen a noticeable difference when using creatine, so this comparison kinda turns me off a little. Here's my proposition, though: If I were to put together an experiment using myself as a test subject, would I atleast be able to get some kind of discount if I recorded everything in a journal on the site?
Because I've wanted to give the stuff a try, but I'm on sort of a tight budget.


Well I have been using it since it first came out and I agree with TC it is worth the price and then some. I have noticed my workouts are better with it and my cardio or gpp sessions go alot easier as well.

And if all it took was a journal with results most of the forum would be eligible for a discount..........



I believe so. I didn't order it until the July special offer. One point of reluctance was that it would take perhaps a whole month (one bottle) before noticeable results. But the July offer helped me get more bottles for less, so I deemed it worth a try.

By September, it was clear to me that the sets that used to leave me and my lifting partner sucking wind were now leaving him sitting with his head between his knees and me walking around waiting for my next set.

Then I read on as thread the suggestion to go down to a "maintenance dose" of only one capsule instead of 2, 3x/day. I thought "Great! This will last longer." But then I thought I perceived (I recognize that this is all subjective, and contingent upon several factors) a lessening of the effect, so I went back up to 2 capsules. Even if it meant running out sooner and spending more, I didn't want to risk losing the effects.

Of course, I'll REALLY know it works when I've run out. It's possible that I'll have to let it slide in favor of Surge and Metabolic Drive and Alpha Male. If I start having trouble breathing during workouts again, then I'll know for certain that the Beta-7 was worth it and fit it back into the budget somehow.

Like anything else, if you can afford to try it, I think you should.


I'm just going to throw this out there, but if the results of Beta-7 are comparable to Creatine, and the cost of Creatine per month is roughly $10-$15, and the cost of Beta-7 per month is between $50-$150, which supplement do you think people are going to put their money towards?

You potentially could have Alpha Male and Creatine for less cost per month, and while I know that they don't both work on the same level, I'm willing to bet that the combo of Alpha Male and Cr (or Carbolin 19, Surge, and Cr, and...) is as good or better than taking the Beta-7 by itself at the highest dose.

Again, I don't know first hand, but I'm just going by what I've read and I'm sure others have run these sort of same comparisons in their head's before choosing to buy their next round of supplements.

Unfortunately, I wasn't financially ready to purchase supps when the Beta-7 and Cr offer was out there, however, if the goal is to get people to try, maybe that should be a continuous offer for a little while longer. If that deal was out there now, I'd certainly buy and try to make my own decisions about how effective Beta-7 is for what I do.

I know because I'm a bigger guy, I'm going to be on the max end of that dosaging, and $150 a month is a pretty stiff trial period, IMO.


Creatine and BETA-7 are complimentary because they DO NOT do the same thing.

BETA-7 has helped my performance far more than Creatine monohydrate ever has, but I still stack them for the synergy between the two.

You might want to read the BETA-7 thread.


I guess that would depend on one's goals and training habits.



I was sucking into that deal when they had it and I am glad I was. I seriously noticed a difference. I didn't feel it right away, but after like 3-4 weeks I experienced a noticeable difference, mainly in recovery time. I have made tremendous strength gains over past 9 weeks and I am positive it is a result of being able to recover faster.


well, I think I'm going to end up giving it a shot. once I acrue enough money to purchase it I will. I'm not looking for a miracle, just a bit more endurance, and from what I've read, it seems like that is what it's going to give me. thanks all.


one last question. can I get it at a store (Vitamin Shoppe or GNC) or do I have to order it online?


I believe it's only available here in the T-Nation store. I think you are going to like the results when you get it.

Take care,