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Is Bacon Really That Bad?


If you cut off all the fat on it, it's a very tasty meat!


bacon is fat,why would you cut it off


Semi Hijak

I'd like to know peoples take on this as well. I love pork, it's my favourite meat. But if eating loin or leaner cuts, is it still as bad?



If you leave all the fat on it, it's an even more tasty meat!


x2. Bacon FTW.


LOL @ the thought of someone trying to cut all the fat off of bacon.

What's so bad about fat, anyways?


I actually dont like the texture of pure fat on any meat. I cut excess fat off steaks, and pull the fat off bacon just cause eating it straight gives me a gag reflex. This makes it a pain in the ass to eat bacon cause I have to pull the fat off.

I just found "eating right" brand of turkey bacon, 1g fat, 5g protein/slice and it tastes like regular bacon, not like some of the other shitty brands of turkey bacon.


No, bacon is good.


I eat shit like that for breakfast !!!



Also, nothing burps better than bacon. I go with turkey bacon, not as tasty but still not bad.


Pork is so damn boring imo..

O'Beef rules!


Another 2009 join date thread.


Your obviously shit in the kitchen. Too bad for you. Pigs cheek, and trotters have so much flavour.



You have to be kidding, where I come from people fight for prosciutto.


Depends what bacon your using. The bacon that you guys eat in the states (streaky) on a regular basis, is not the same cut of bacon we eat in the UK (back bacon).

So on the one we use, the fat would be easy to remove, and still keep the same flavour.

There's nothing wrong with fat though.



Only if you do it in a squat rack


If you learn how to cook (actually bake bacon - look up Alten brown from good eats on the food network) you can render off a lot of the fat and end up with even TASTIER BACON....

Also, find a REAL Butcher and get quality thick cut over the BS you buy in the store...


Damn, so that's what I've been doing wrong!

How about if I do it in the Power Cage?



I would actually be fine with someone frying a whole pack of bacon and eating it in a squat rack.


I heard on the radio that scientists in the UK had discovered why bacon tastes good. Like they needed to research that? It's obviously because God loves us, and wants us to be happy.