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Is Aspirating Necessary in This Case?


Is aspirating really necessary?


its is very simple and easy insurance

I know people that do not aspirate, I myself do it every time its habit now

its up to you but I would every time just in case, I promise you that you will atleast one time get blood in there.


Its not a "myth", technically one should aspirate to be sure an injection is not going straight into the bloodstream. I personally have moved away from it because I tend to know when the needle has hit something it should not have. I typically just back the needle out a bit until I feel comfortable and continue with the injection.

Though I have injected after hitting a vein before and the result was I became a bit light headed and I could feel my throat tighten up a bit. It soon passed and I went on with my day.


I coughed like hell one time assuming I injected in a vein. I had aspirated with no blood but may have moved the needle a bit before injecting.

to be honest it takes a whole second and a half to aspirate...just do it!


I went to a med school and we were taught that it IS NOT mandatory to aspirate as a medical professionalist. The theory is that it is so seldom to hit a vein without passing through if you are not looking to enter a vein. Now granted I am type1 diabetic since 5years old and shoot up 5-6 times daily and am currently 27 yearsold and never aspirate (while hitting subcut).

I have had no probs and yes this is different than goin im but there are veins all over. My own personal experience may differ from one goin im with aas but effects are minimal to the fact that med schools are willing to put their reps on the line(we know it amounts to shit in certain cases) but insurance comps definitely would hold these professionals to it if it meant they could possibly be sued(almost all of us have insurance protection)cause someone got sick from not aspirating and putting some chemical in a bloodstram that was meant for another area.

When Id give shots to pt's (flu/test/depo/dipth/mmr/etc.) I would ALWAYS asp due to it just feeling like the right thing to do wether im or subcut. But on my self, mot even a second thought about not.


I would guess that there is a difference between administration of a water-based injectable and an oil-based injectable? It seems that oil would be more harmful if directly injected into the bloodstream.


that theory made no difference to them at all


So, then, hitting the middle of a vein must be a rare occurrence indeed? I know I've gone through them (blood on the wall to show for it, hah), but have never (knock on cyber wood) coughed my lungs up or aspirated blood. (Disclaimer: I'm not a heavy AAS user, and have not injected much compared to many of you, I'm sure) Still, I'm going to continue to aspirate, as it seems like safety belt usage: you hardly need it, but when you do, you really do!


Most cases to stop in the middle or atleast to get a good hold and stop directly in mid vein an angle is needed. Try Ztrak and that might help with blood hittin the wall. and definitely continue to aspirate. I was just makin the "knowledge" taught at some schools known.


Yeah, I get what you're saying, and it's interesting, given how most AAS users are ultra-paranoid about injecting into a vein. I'm not worried enough about the blood to worry about Z-track.

Hell, it's all I can do to give myself a poke in the dorsal glutes and hold it until the syringe is emptied (reduced flexibility since I've gotten seriously back into it and gained). I'm not that big, either (look like a gym-goer, but not a 'big guy'), so I don't know how the real bodybuilders do it.


If you do enough sticks eventually you'll hit a vessel. Best to take a sec and aspirate.

As someone that has given thousands of injections over many years I can tell you even at 90 degrees it does happen.

Currently I teach, including medication administration and about every other class a student bags a vein during IM injection.



If you do inject into a vein, would you repeat the injection? Does you liver destroy all of the compound or would some still be absorbed?


"If you do inject into a vein, would you repeat the injection? Does you liver destroy all of the compound or would some still be absorbed?"

Depends upon what is injected, how much and the expeted outcome of such an injection.


Say you injected 250mg of Test E into a vein. I'm not sure what you mean by expected outcome of the injection.


In all honesty, aspirating will prevent any severe coughing and other things that may last for a short period of time, but still something you shouldnt want to go through. especially to prevent it takes literally a second. One thing I would never do shortcuts on is AAS.



"I'm not sure what you mean by expected outcome of the injection."

Basically, what a reliable source like " The Drugs Facts and Comparisons Manual" or "The United States Pharmacopeia" states in the matter.

The half life of Test E is short, but it's in an oil suspension. From what I understand the liver could easily metabolize the Test in that dose, but the oil can be a hazard as a source of embolism in the lung.


How long does it take to aspirate ?

10 seconds if your incredibly slow ?

Why is this even a discussion, its the easiest part about injecting.




You beat me to it.

You are putting your damned thumb on the plunger anyway. Just pull the opposite way for one or two millimeters before pushing it in. It takes me one second!

I honestly can't understand why there are so many posts on this site asking permission to not aspirate.

There should be a sticky at the top of the forum and it should just contain two words, then the thread should be locked to all further posting. It should say:




What if it's a lethal injection? :slightly_smiling: