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Is AOC Mentally Challenged?

Or an idiot?

At beginning of the video she says people tell sexual assault victims to move on and it’s not a big deal. Who the hell says that? This is the same person who claimed the suburbs don’t have police.

My vote is on idiot really. I think she’s shown that pretty well. This is just stupid. I mean I’m sure someone, somewhere, somehow, has told sufferers of sexual assault to move on… but then we also have flat earthers in the age of Hubble so that’s not saying much.

She’s brilliantly manipulative. She knows that in this victim culture movement that a false equivalency like the thing at the capitol->rape culture/violence is just too good to pass up and that her fans will be selectively outraged by it. It just sounds too fucking good to the ears she’s tickling with it.

She’s like a custom couture of manufactured outrage.


I remember that happening in some threads on here about sexual assault. A good amount of posts downplayed what sexual assault is, instances of sexual assault, and the long-term effects it can have on the victim. It seemed that some folks thought if it wasn’t rape, it wasn’t that serious. Shoot, look at the last 3/5 POTUS’.

That said, I didn’t watch the video, so idk if what I wrote is applicable.


Anonymous internet geniuses showing off their edginess. In real life, who tells a sexual assault victim to her face that she should just move on and it’s not that big of a deal?

Well, assholes. Haha.

What about telling them “i don’t believe you”? Or, “I bet it was consensual”? Is that better?


I think the missing variable here might be that sexual assault =/= rape.

Its entirely believable that you are hearing a different version of “sexual assualt” than she is trying to say.

She may also be an idiot, I don’t know anything about her.

That’s not what she said. She said people tell victims (i.e., it’s not a question whether or not they were assaulted) to move on and that it is no big deal.

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I’m saying the idea that people tell victims, people who were assaulted, that it is not a big deal is false. No one tells a victim of sexual assault to just move on.

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I’m not sure I’ve expressed myself well.

If you believe sexual assault to be a blanket term meaning everything from gang rape all the way down to a slap on the ass or an obvious leer in the workplace then the statement makes more sense.

Again: I haven’t watched the video, I don’t know anything about AOC, just trying to see where the miscommunication might be.

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I thought of the link differently when I read your post. Some models about trauma link how it can be more prevalent when someone can’t act out their fight or flight mechanism. And that’s what I saw here, two scenarios where you can’t always run or fight back. Just stuck in a bad place. There’s a jocko willock podcast where he talks about being under mortar fire for 5 mins and sympathising for world war vets who got canon barrages for months. He talked about how his team jumped the next day when a door slammed and how unusual it was for these seals to be jumpy. Trauma is also more prevalent in situations like child birth, and I know dad’s who where affected, they couldn’t do nothing in the situation. That’s the links I made.

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I understand trauma intimately, but the conflation of the issues isn’t happening at an emotional/traumatic conversation.

The talk of moving on is being done by her political rivals and she does not want to. She sees an opportunity to fight and incence her following using a highly emotionally charged, and unfortunately common subject.

She’s throwing matches at gasoline. This was from Twitter, not the floor at the Capitol

The subtext of her speech is “No. I’m not moving on because I (we) have been violated/raped.”.

At least that’s my view of it.


I bet the ones doing the assault say this at least from time to time.

More likely they deny it rather than admit they committed a crime.

Just giving you a hard time.

And she is claiming that saying to move on with regard to the Capitol is akin to telling a rape survivor to move on, because that is what people apparently tell women who were raped, when no one tells women who were raped or assaulted to move on. It’s a stupid comparison that is based on a false premise. She claims that the language of those who want to move on from what happened at the Capitol is similar to the language of sexual abusers and those who downplay sexual assault. It’s ridiculous and shows that some Dems have not learned a thing about how someone like Trump gets elected.


I don’t doubt that some have said things to that effect but AOC is claiming it’s normal.

This pony got her to the dance and she’s staying on it till they kick her out.

Why change when what you’re doing is working?

She isnt the first to not let facts get in the way of a good story, but I gotta hand it to her, she’s one of the best.


FWIW, I agree with @SkyzykS. I think she is actually fairly intelligent, and is good at manipulation. I see her tweets on Reddit, and they are clever if your goal is political power and having a dedicated base. She is like Trump in that regard. Much of the content is BS, but to the right people it gets eaten up.

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I assume you’re counting Clinton and Trump in that. Who’s the other?