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Is Anyone Worried That Coronavirus Is Going To Kill Their Gains?

I’ve been flying lately however this Coronavirus shit is constantly at the back of my mind now.

It’s predicted that most of us are going to catch it. Even more so if you use commercial gyms which let’s face it, are germ cesspits. IMO of course.

To top it off, you’re looking at a 2 week self isolation period where you can’t leave the house so will likely have to stock up on non perishable foods which aren’t conducive to physique goals.

Would be hard trying to get your family on board with that as well.

As I write this, my missus has just shown me a Daily Mail article talking about how gyms are ‘hot zones’ for Coronavirus.

Bit of a bummer when it’s likely to hit when the last stretch of the T-ransformation challenge kicks in as well :sob:

How yous coping guys??

As an introvert with a home gym, this has been everything I have ever prepared for.


I would advise you ignore everything published in the Daily Mail as standard practise.

But no, I was more worried it might kill my kids or my grandparents. A couple of weeks without perfect nutrition or training won’t have much of an impact on my life, longterm.


Never been happier that I’m able to train in my garage.

And glad I’ve spent all this time making myself hard to kill.

It’ll pass my man, train what you can how you can where you can. If you catch the bug, recover and move on.

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Ehh I’m not really worried. I’m just as susceptible to catching this thing at my job, as I am going to the gym. I’m damn sure not going to let this virus interfere with my check, so I figured I might as well not let it interfere with my gains. Only way I’ll not end up going to work is if they close down Costco warehouses on some type of domino effect thing put in by the higher ups in Washington.

Okay the lowdown - 82 pct wont get any serious symptoms… Which kinda make this virus gonna be universal, everyone will get it. 18 pct develop serious symptoms, especially those with high blood pressure, lung problems or disease or diabetes.
The mortality rate is roughly 1-4 pct. Obviously if your hospitals are swamped with patients , mortality rate can be as high as 10 pct.

The study kinda point out, it’s benign to children.

The global hysteria is not supported by the statistics, as pointed out above.

Tell that to the markets.

My stocks and shares have been decimated :sob::sob:

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Yeah mate I hear you on the Daily Mail however the article is bang on. Gyms are like organic bio-soups :nauseated_face:

Currently trying to figure out if this thing will actually kill me, or just put me in the hospital and make me wanna die. Got the wonderful combo of high blood pressure and asthma \m/(-_-)\m/

1-4 percent is big in a virus we can’t contain. It’s not doomsday but it could mean millions of deaths - strength in numbers kinda thing. I agree though - everyone’s gonna get it.

The kids are going to be fine and I don’t have grandparents.
I think the 3% mortality number goes way way down once we all get tested and realize many more people had it without symptoms.
Agreed it’s a tragic loss of elderly life but I cant see it being anything more to fear than flu, car accidents, etc - typical risks of life.

The economic damage however is real, concerning, and may well harm my family. I hate that part.

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This is the unjustified hysteria.

While I agree, this number is likely hugely inflated. We believe most cases are undiagnosed (because symptoms are mild or even don’t appear), we have a relatively small n (because it’s new and we don’t know what China has/ hasn’t reported), it’s new, so it’s likely mortality will be higher until doctors knew what they were treating, and it disproportionately targets the ill and elderly (consider the survival rate in patients under 50 appears to be about 99.7%).

I’m in no way trying to minimize the disease or say we shouldn’t take reasonable precautions, and certainly every single life is precious. I am saying economic crashes, runs on supplies, social withdrawal, and preemptive quarantines are not reasonable based on the current data.


This X 1000

I remember when I was in Uni I was in a low place mentally, picked up a Daily Mail and read “Bird Flu WILL kill 50000 in UK” headline, really didn’t help me out. Turns out the headline was complete nonsense and whilst this virus may end up more prevalent, remember to never listen to the Daily Mail. Lies, hysteria and hate.

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I’m just kinda hoping school gets canceled…and that my grandma doesn’t die. But school off would be great.



Is there a credible medical professional that says this is a hugely inflated number?

You know how much stuff has tried to kill me, as of yet unsuccessfully?


Yes. I apologize that I can’t recall the name but the WHO had a representative speaking on BBC World Service yesterday and said exactly that, that the 3% number we have today is probably 4x inflated due to the many undiagnosed/asymptomatic cases.
Again this is not to downplay the genuine concern among the medical community, just dont panic.