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Is Anyone Open to a Check?

Last week I posted a thread “Source elimintating products” where I explained that my source of two years had removed a number of products from their website.

Subsequently, that prompted me to create another tmag username and start my research again.

After not being able to work with anyone local that I trust I’ve spent a number of hours online trying to locate another trustworthy source. I contacted the website and asked for some references of service and statistics for how long they have done business.

If there is someone reading this who considers themselves really in the “know” of current websites, would you mind if I PM’d you regarding my find.

Thank you.

This smells fishy…if you had to create a new T-Nation username, which tells me that you had a previous one and have been around for some time, then you know how to find them just by searching the forums.


Yeah, I know how to search the forums. My belief was that sources werent listed out of respect. Moreover, if they were accidentally slipped-which I also recognize has happened in the past-I thought those post were deleted by the mods.

Ultimately, I think certain users here get satisfaction out of moving around threads and playing detective since they actually know very little more than the average street garb about gear. I’m glad the majority of guys here though don’t use the site for that purpose.

If I wanted to be shady my approach wouldn’t be to straight out ask for help. The users that have been kind enough to help me by way of PM, I have made it a point to first offer up my previous source (a source that a lot here know of and also know to have recently removed products like I mentioned)as proof of what I’m saying to be true.

I agree that this forum needs to be closely monitored so that the benefits it provides continue to exist. But the “bust the new guy” attitude is old brother. It doesn’t make you part of the boys.

Thanks to those of you that have offered help thus far and those that continue.

I’m assuming the country you are ordering from is located outside the US.

Feel free to PM me. No promises, but I’ll let you know if I’ve heard anything about them.

what’s the products no longer available from your source???