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Is Anyone Just Cruising and Happy without Adjustments?

I am wondering if anyone here is happy with all of their levels (test, e2 etc…) and just cruising along and being happy? I ask this because it seems a lot of people here are continuously looking for answers to problems they have.

Now I understand this forum will lean heavy toward that because afterall, if someone wasn’t looking for help they wouldn’t bother finding a site like this.

As someone who is new to this it just seems like it’s a constant struggle and you would have to weigh your current problems against the potential new problems on trt.

Is this accurate? Or am I over analyzing some of these posts?

I am currently cruising on TRT with no real problems and happy. My weekly dose varies between 110mg and 210mg and am currently on the higher dose for 6-8 weeks to see how I do and where my blood goes.

Edit: Some may call 210mg a week a blast and given how well I respond to T-Cyp that may be accurate.

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I think the majority here are outliers, probably the vast majority. I’ve been taking 200mg a week for going on six years. I started at that dose. I’ve never been unhappy with the results. Only difference for me over that time is discontinuing anastrozole about six months ago.

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Did you notice any negatives from that protocol change?

No, only changes were cholesterol dropped from 195-205 (where it has been for as long as I can remember) to 164 and joints feel much better.

E2 moved from mid 20s to 55.

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I have been on TRT for just over 4 years and I feel stable and can just cruise along.
I believe many want to know the full scope of T. You know what does too much feel like and too little. What does high E2 and low feel like. Once they have a good grasp of the range of this drug and how it effects them they can settle down with a proper protocol and start looking else where for better health.
Getting your T back up to a proper lvl is just the start.


Yah many research and realize they don’t want to be alone through this therapy. I figured I’d share my therapy, get suggesyoons and guidance and some serious reassurance.

Not dialed in nor on auto pilot. But I sure believe it will happen thanks to the wonderful fellow men on these boards.

We also have quite a few guys here who jsut love to help and guide others. Thank you

Nice. This makes me feel better about my
Journey. Like I said, most ppl who are “cruising” wouldn’t be seeking out a forum like this.

Also seems like a lot of ppl are cruising but at the same time open to tweaking. Which is understandable.

Cheers lads.

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Your first year on TRT is a f-ing maelstrom. You body is flipping out and it really takes time for everything to settle down. Most guys, being guys, take to much at first and end up with over the top E2 & HCT issues requiring blood donations, then they crash their ferritin. Not to mention over dosing on AI to get their E2 down. Basicly the first year is a F-ing mess. But if you survive it and learned from your mistakes there is a light at the end of this tunnel and it is not the train.
If you get your protocol right, fix your diet, and get you ass to the gym you will be amazed at yourself by the end of year two. I’m not lying man its worth the effort.

Then get active on one of these forums and help these other poor bastards because you know what they are going thru and you can help if they will just listen.


I would imagine that the number of people posting on this trt forum are but a small fraction of a percent of the amount of men that are currently using trt. I believe you are right that most people who come here are people struggling and looking for answers. Most of them probably dont even post or ask questions. The “long time lurkers”. I can safely say that I’m happy and cruising on trt. I’ve been happy with it since day one. I’d imagine the only reason I’m still here is #1 I cant leave well enough alone and I want to blast and cruise so I hang out in Pharma alot. #2 I think I can help some of the guys on here. If it’s only getting them past some anxiety or fear of the unknown that’s worth it to me because I know how nerve racking it can be. Jesus my first shot was a nightmare. I did so much freaking research and watched so many how to videos and I still was Shaking uncontrollably lol. I see so many guys come on here and they fear the unknown and try to micromanage every little detail of everything and it’s totally unnecessary. Anyways. Hope that answers the question.


Im happily cruising on 250mg a week. Some would call it a blast but my test never goes over 900 on that dose. I think a lot of guys on TRT are constantly trying to improve hence the tweaking of protocols. I feel good where I’m at, but when new info comes along that could be helpful or beneficial I’m sure as Hell gonna to look into it. For instance I’m hearimg more and more negative about anastrozole. My cholesterol is fine on it, and my joints don’t hurt… but nolvadex might be the better option long term. I’ll give it a shot for 3-6 months and see how I do. At the end of the day your more or less doing a series of trials and errors until your happy where you land. I was one of the lucky ones who felt great from day 1.

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i was that guy. i wasnt worried about the injection, or wasnt scared of an injection. i was more worried of the things that could go wrong. i also spent hours watching vidoes and reading about how to simply inject… after i did my first couple i realized how easy it is and the crazy amount of time i spent on how to stick a needle in my arse.

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I inject into my quad (hcg). Not gonna lie. I am kind of addicted to it. I love the feeling of sticking the needle in me and putting good stuff into my

Sounds bad lol.


I’ve been injecting twice a week since last September, and three times a week for the last two weeks, and I still shake when I do an injection sometimes! Lol. It’s the weirdest thing. I’ve done it enough to know that it’s not going to be painful, and I have no issues with doing it. I can inject sometimes and it’s like eating breakfast. Just a natural thing. Then at other times I get so nervous I have to stop for a second and take a few breaths. I still don’t understand why, but it just is.

As a funny side note, the first few weeks… I had to do my quad injections sitting on the toilet because I would get so nervous that I’d have to take a shit as soon as I finished the injection! Lol

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Lmfaoooo. That’s wicked.

That’s called optimizing your life and being efficient. :rofl:. That’s just comical… bahaha

Hey buddy where in the quad and are you using half inch? It seemed My quad muscles was very thick… felt really weird trying to push into the muscle. First part was no problem as expected bht The last 1/4th was a lot thicker and I was surprised as to How much pressure I had to apply. Similar For others and yourself ?

Do you do this midway down between hip and knee or further up?

Eventually need to try IM consistently and see if I notice any difference in absorption .i know a few guys who do IM because they don’t like
How subq doses them.

I use a 1inch. I inject in the upper thigh and to the side. So if you were to put your thumb on the centre, anywhere you palm would cover. So when I place my palm on my leg my fingertips end halfway down my leg. I usually do it between my hand knuckles and finger knuckles. Sorry the pic sucks. Hard to tell with my pants on.

Hope that makes sense lol

Sometimes when I go too low I have to push hard. Maybe you were too low?

I was about right there. Man half inch felt too long. Haha oh my one inch feels like torture