Is Anyone Here Not Relying On PDE5s?

Just wondering.

Anyone getting good enough results on trt to not have to rely on viagra or cialis?

I’m not relying on them. I do occasionally take small amounts but not often. It makes me TOO hard oftentimes so I do better without them

Small doses of cialis even long term are proven to be health-benefical, especially for the cardio vascular system. You should not be worried to use this drug in appropriate doses, but I know in USA it costs a fortune

Thanks. Not the point of the the thread though.

Never used a pde5, but at the same time never had an issue prior to TRT either. Definitely want to try them though.

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I don’t feel like I need to rely on it at all. But I do take 10mg cialis once every 2 or 3 days as Dr. Shippen gave so much praise to it’s many benefits. Yes, my morning wood is harder and yes, my refractory time gets even lower and I generally feel even more optimized. But i don’t feel that I must have it by any means

I take it twice weekly with my shot. Its beneficial for blood pressure and BPH (and the side effects ain’t too bad either!)

No, I only take them for big weekends (Vegas, Mexico, etc), but don’t feel like I need them. However, since I’ve been hearing about all the cardio benefits I may ask my dr to try daily low dose.

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I do not need them. They’re OTC here and dirt cheap, but I’ve never had that issue before TRT or currently. Sorry man.

Never used them and dont need them now on TRT.

Good feedback guys.

I’m trying to believe that if I’m dialed in correctly, I won’t need them either.

Tired of popping Cialis and Viagra like candy. Been relying on them way too long.

Just got another year approved this morning. Insurance pays. $10 copay for each month 5mg. Best shit ever.
Now that we have generics in USA available you can get without insurance 90 pills for like $45. Not bad.

I got approved for bph required special authorization. My urologist agreed I had bph. Lol.

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I used Goodrx for my Cialis one a day. It’s like $120 or so for a months supply.

Where are you finding 90 for $85 without insurance??

Do a new search and put quantity 90. Where do u live.?

I just checked. I use goodrx/walgreens. Walmart is about a third of the price!!?

See my screen shot.

I stopped getting my meds from CVS a long time ago. Even with insurance they charge u the copay(when med is actually less than that) some other pharmacies like Costco charge way less.

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It’s down to about $45.

Prices came down recently cause more generic companies making it now. :+1:

May not even go thorough hassle of insurance company with these prices. Even the 10 MG is a very good price.

Hopefully the guys that see this will get an a actual script and get from USA instead of India.

That’s awesome! Last time I checked it was similar to what roscoe said he saw for prices. I was definitely tossing around if I wanted to order from India or not.

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I’ve never taken one. I thought about it around 2.5 years ago when I first started having some ED…but doc thought it was just due to my blood sugar at the time (I am T2 DB and although I’m generally well controlled I was running a bit higher). ED seemed to pass a few months later, then came back and had been a struggle for about 2 years. As I posted in my thread, I had a few great days after 4 weeks on TRT, then a relapse, and now the past 1.5 weeks have been good.

With where the prices have gone, if the ED comes back again I’m definitely going to ask about starting daily cialis (generic). I might look into it even if things stay good. Really doesn’t seem to be a down side, medically.