Is anyone here a Veternarian?

I’ve got a pretty sick cat on my hands and I have a question regarding FIA (Feline Infectious Anemia).

keep in mind that cats are designed to eat raw meat, and only raw animal products. that’s how they’re made, and they don’t do well on crappy store-bought food.

dr. pottinger (sp?) did an experiment where he fed a group of cats raw foods and the other were fed cooked foods. withing 4 generations, the ones fed cooked foods were sterile. they were also very sickly, while the raw food cats were healthy.

keep this in mind after you get treatment for your cat. hope things go well.

I guess if you keep your cat inside that’s a potential problem. Then again I’ve had my cats get FIV and FIA and they can eat all the rodents and birds they can catch along with supplemental cat food.

Sometimes they just get sick. I’d take the cat to a vet. If it’s treatable they can help. If it’s FIV it’s only about $20 for euthanasia and disposal.

Thanks for the responses both of you. While FIA was certainly a possiblity, Milo had much worse problems and we had to put him to sleep this morning.

I can’t imagine what parents must go through when their children get sick, because this was the hardest thing for my girlfriend and I to go through. I know much worse things can happen, but it doesn’t take away the pain and loss we both feel right now.

Thanks again, and I hope all have a Happy Thanksgiving.