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Is Anyone Getting Better Libido/Arousal with HCG?

Just wondering. I’ve tried it in the past and had some anger/irritability issues. The reason I tried it was to see if I could get any increase in arousal.

Does anyone here get that effect?

I am on HCG monotherapy. Before the HCG I would rarely get nocturnal erections. I get them much more frequently now. I would also say libido has increased some, but it isn’t like I am 15 either.

yes. it happened after increasing the dose from original amount.

Can you expound on this a bit?

So raising your T dose does not give you more libido?
I take HCG love it but it has never increased my libido it just keeps my boys swinging freely with no dull aches.

Im playing around with 60-65mg test e3d right now. I’m feeling great in the gym, but nothing libido wise. It’s only been about 2-3 weeks though.

Just wondering if I should give HCG another go. Only reason I’m here is to find my libido/arousal.

sure. so I’m in 7/8 mos to my current program. I noticed around a couple of months ago I was having shall we say difficulties (getting and/or keeping). so rather than lower my T dose we upped the HCG and I found that issue improved. but whats that old thing correlation is not causation. but it was the only change I made.

60-65 basicly twice a week 120-130mg/wk what do you think your TT will be at that dose?
My doc jacked my TT to 1300 for 3 months my libido came rushing back to the point it scared me. I could not stop thinking about sex and my wife was starting to get mad.
Now I have dropped back to 100-120mg/wk and my libido is still here but under control.
If you doc is not willing to do that consider a 10-12 week blast. (~300mg/wk)

If your balls start giving you a dull ache or pull up into your body I’d do the HCG. It will raise your total E2 by a little so with a higher T dose a very small amount of AI might be needed.

Normally weeks 2-4 I get erections and lose them weeks 5-6 do to high estrogen, perhaps your problem is you’re not injecting frequently enough which was my main problem when I was injecting twice weekly.

I know your SHBG is 19-26, but perhaps it’s just not binding to testosterone well enough to keep levels steady enough. Our SHBG levels are similar and I don’t respond to TRT at all on twice weekly and switching to EOD is a game changer, daily is even more dramatic for me.

I’m sure my FT is high out of range and TT is probably bordering 1000.

At 50mg e3d my FT was high out of range and TT was about 850.

Going to see if running some higher ranges does anything. I’ve read a bit that some people only get responses with higher doses (out of range a bit).

Systemlord: I may go back down to EOD shots at some point… actually I’d try daily. But right now I’m exploring higher ranges.

Have you been able to find libido and arousal though at daily doses?

I feel like I have that attraction, but my bodies effect doesn’t follow suit like it should. I can fool around with my gf and really not get worked up at all. Like no arousal…

I honestly don’t think so. It increases natural production. Icing on the cake. So adding more hcg is the same adding more T. Only difference is the estrogen that hcg creates seems to be hard to control since you are not having any abilities with microdosing benefits.

I had better labido first 3 weeks. Then it dissapeared for a week and then came back. Now I have middle of night and morning wood. Not taking hcg actually helped allot. Low dosages also helps. The moment I take 400 iu it messes me all up with e2 issues.

Testasterone is not the cure all for labido. There are other hormones and life style plays a role. I would look at all my blood markers and optimize.

Also I would wait till I reach 6-8 weeks not 2-3 weeks that’s not enough time. Everyone’s body is so different.

Jay cambell at tot revolution always says optimize your life. Otherwise trt won’t work properly.

This is from experience. I had Ed in my 20s my urologist gave me testasterone for a year. If helped nothing. I made a life style change and I healed up quick.