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Is anybody with me on this one?

I just had brutal workout last night, and as I hit off a few shots in the mirror I felt content. My lats were swole and my arms just drapped over them engulfed in blood, and my quads were torched. It felt fan-fuckin-tastic! Point is when I got a mean swole on I really like the way I look. I mean I feel as though if I could walk around like this all the time I’d be a pretty happy camper. Does anyone else ever feel like this?

You are now a spiritual brother of Arnold Schwarzennegger`s PUMP experience. Enjoy.

Hell yeah! I wish I could be in my “pump” stage 24/7! I’d feel like king of the world (no, not like that homo Leonardo DiCrapio).

Yeah I don’t know if it’s endorphins or what, but when you’re taxed out and you’ve spilled your guts on the floor and you can barely bring the tumbler full or surge to your lips it has to be the closest thing to nirvana you can achieve here on earth.

I’m with you on that one…

Totally. My long-term training goal is pretty much to look like I do when pumped - all the time :slight_smile:

Man, I love the pumps in my arms that you can barely flex without getting nearly cramped up the entire time. Flex for 1 seconds, relax because it hurts. Quad and hammie pumps are great too.