Is Anybody a Good Artist?

I have a project that my current designers cannot handle as it requires actual ddrawing skills.

I need someone who can draw electronically preferably in photoshop or something like that I have drawings done and a design brief to follow, all that it needs is for the orginal drawings (done in paint) to be cleaned up and made professional to goto print.

this is for a project that I hope will make a lot of money I cannot really pay anything up front for the design work but are willing to make you a percentage partner on the business that could possibly make a lot of money.

I do not want to give too much away right now but if you have really good drawing skills on the PC and might be interested in helping me out please PM me


Phill is a darn good artist, but I haven’t seen him posting lately.

Check out his thread here

What sort of project ya got? :slight_smile:


[quote]The Mighty Stu wrote:
What sort of project ya got? :slight_smile:



I have basic crawing for 3 badges based on RAF wings design.

I need a graphics desinger to make turn these basic drawings into profssionally drawn images to submit to the manufacturers of the badges