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Is Androgel worth it?

Would REALLY like advise on this. After much fanaglng I finally got a doctor to get me this.Never 'used’and want to move beyond supplements.Should I put my money elsewhere? How to best use this? Bill R.,Chris S.???

At the recommended application amount, Androgel
will only increase total testosterone by a few hundred ng/dL. A good steroid cycle using
testosterone increases T by say 3000 ng/dL
or more. Obviously that just isn’t practical
with Androgel. For that matter, Androsol,
as a side effect (the intended purpose and
main effect is giving high levels of 4-AD)
increases T by more than Androgel does. I’d
consider Androgel the proper choice when
one medically wants to normalize T, specifically. For bodybuilding or pro-athletic
purposes it isn’t appropriate nor, I’m sure,
does the manufacturer consider it appropriate.