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Is Anavar Only for Girls?

Is anavar only for females??? I have anadrol and anavar. Don’t know what to take ???

Is this a troll? Oxandrolone is an anabolic steroid, the reason females use it is due to its high, favourable ratio between anabolism and androgenicity, however if females use a high enough dose (cut off point depends on genetic predisposition and individual reaction to the drug) virilization will occur.

What you use depends on what you want out of a cycle. Oxandrolone causes a dose dependent accruation in lean mass (and from clinical data I’ve seen it seems to be underestimated with regards to potency, it may not blow you up like anadrol will, however mg for mg it’s more potent, but also harsher than testosterone). Oxymetholone will blow you the fuck up, but also has a long list of potential side effects (acne, water retention, HPB, lipid strain, gyno, hepatotoxicity (also appears to be more carcinogenic than other AAS), shoots RBC count WAY up (although once again genetics will factor in for many of these), androgenic sides such as body hair growth + hair loss in those predisposed, many other side effects exist, I’m listing the main ones. Oxandrolone has a long list of (but relatively shorter list) of sides, the main ones being BP, lipids, nephrotoxicity (and to a lesser extent, but still more than injectable AAS hepatotoxicity)

Oxymetholone is more androgenic than its rating implies, probably due to the fact that it is partially metabolized to methyldihydrotestosterone following removal of the 2 hydroxymethelene when ingested

If you don’t know the difference between these two or think Anavar is only for girls you need to go back to the drawing board


No troll man. Sorry a asked crazy question like that. This is going to be for my last five weeks of my cycle … I was stacking stenadrol Methylstenbolone…taking time offf. Just wanted some info on it. I think I’ll go with the var next. Anadrol seems to retain water. Don’t want that.

Thanks to you I’m educated on this now appreciate thanks brotha.