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Is an X-Vest Worth It?


I realize people have posted reviews of the X-Vest in the past, but I was hoping for some input now that people have owned them for a while. I am thinking of purchasing one, but don't want it to be one of those products that sounds great before you get it, is great once you get it, but then loses it's appeal after you've had it for a while and the novelty has worn out.

So those of you who have owned one for at least 6 months, what do you think? Do you still use it regularly or is the thrill gone?


Dude, get outta my head! I was just mulling over this morning about getting one, so your timing is excellent.


For those of us fortunate enough to be members of Charles Staley's distance coaching, we get a 25% discount on xvests. Have not purchased one yet but thinking strongly about the 84 pound model.

Would like to hear more comments from T-Nation members.


Depends on what you're getting it for. If you have all the dumbells and barbells you need then you can only use it for GPP or hiking or what have you. I've had one for over a year. It's from weightvest.com and it goes up to 100lbs. I'm constantly using it in my workouts. Side pushups or dips with 75-100lb are a blast, and with better biomechanics then a bench press.

It's up to you. Do you see yourself using it in most workouts? If not, do you do alot of GPP or other suplementary work? Get a 40lb one for gpp and such. You can still do pull-ups with 40lb.

I love mine and constantly use it, but you must decide for yourself.


Who would pay the outrageous price they charge for these things just to add some weight to your body? You can't Magyver something that does the same thing for 5% of the cost? If I were so inclined, I bet I could get a similar workout with stuff I already have at my house. I fail to see what makes them so special to warrant the astronomical prices. Am I missing something? I'm suprised there isn't a competitor making something similar for a reasonable price. Maybe thats why they charge 130-300 bucks a pop from their website?


I guess the reason they cost so much is because of how they are constructed. Reading the X-Vest website, it sounds like their products will last over 200 years. If you're using the X-Vest or a similar weighted vest to improve your performance in a particular sport or profession, then you don't want some piece of crap, duct-taped vest falling apart when you're training.

BUT, if you just need to add some extra weight while you hike or walk, I don't see why you would have to spend so much money on a "high performance" weighted vest.


If you go to newyorkbarbells.com, they have a cheap weighted vest that goes up to 50lbs for $130. Actually, most of their stuff is cheap, so I don't know how much quality is in their products.


The x-vest is awesome for steady state cardio IMO. I tried a backpack with plates but the backpack bouncing and the uneven weight distribution really gets annoying. I have the 40lb.vest and I believe you can get a discount at Coach Davies' site.


I use a SCUBA weight belt with the weight bags that fit in the little pockets. Works just fine but I can get nowhere near 100 pounds, more like 50.


link please


I love my X-Vest. I think it's definitely worth it. It's worth it's weight in gold. Are you high trying to Macgyver something on your own? This is a high quality vest that fits comfortably. I'd highly recommend one.


I guess the lack of responses to my question might be an indication that either people are not buying them, or they are not loving them anymore, but can't bring themselves to admit it. Anyone else out there who would like to chime in?


I think people who are more prone to doing bodyweight exercises would like them more.

I for one would love to have one, as pushups and dips are favorite exercises of mine. But the price is just too much for now.

Also, I have heard nothing but excellent reviews about the X vest. I don't think I've read more than one negative comment...ever.


I thought the idea with the X-Vest was to put it on in the morning and go to work. Thereby gaining all the fat fat guys have from lugging their fat around all day, without the fat.

Does nobody use it that way?


Or else they couldn't be fucked responding to your question!

Anyway, I have a 40lb Xvest and love it! Use it regularly with my cardio - walking and elliptical. Also use it for sprints and bodyweight exercises.

Like anything, you pay for what you get. Yes you can use work arounds and buy cheaper products but the XVest is Quality with a capital Q. I spent quite a bit of time researching before I bought mine and everything I heard about the Xvest was true. It is adjustable, fits snugly, the weights are tight and there is no discomfort. As yet, the velcro straps have shown no signs of wear. I had tried various types of vests over the years and it stands out a mile.

John Davies was also a decent bloke to deal with and went through some extra hassle for me to get it to Australia.

So yes, I'm glad I bought it and yes I still use it (had it for about 8 months). I would like to get an 84lber in future but the cost of postage to Oz would kill me!!


Sometimes I put mine on when doing housework, for example, mowing the lawn. My lawn takes me about an hour so I notice the extra weight - a lot. I wouldnt wear one to work though.


Its much better than other vests that flop around if you do agilities, plyos, running with it...or if you try to do some of the olympic lifts with it on that I think John Davies recommends. Other vests Ive used in the past tear or break, or are too loose fitting.