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Is an Assault Rifle Needed for Hunting?

i have no experience with guns, or in fact hunting in general. so today when i helped a few flight agents with a couple suit cases i noticed that one of the passengers had an assault rifle. As we waited for the assistance of a couple of TSA agents i asked him why he was traveling with an assault rifle. He said he was using it to hunt. than i made a joke and said " bro are you hunting demons" he said naw im hunting boars.

i didn’t people hunted with assualt rifles. can people not use a simple hunting rifle on boars. are people roaming the woods with assault rifles to kill animals.

depends on where and why they are hunting the boar. I have hunted boar with an AR-15 before (also with a spear, that is a story for a different time, but I highly recommend) and the AR is very useful when hunting large volume of boar. one or two boar? no reason for an AR. trying to take down 20+ in a day? the semi-auto capabilities really do come in handy.

As a whole, I think the AR is overkill for hunting in almost every situation, with one of the few exceptions being boar

Technically an assault rifle, is semi automatic rifle that also has the capacity to select for full auto fire as well, they are in most circumstances only available to the military. The media has a habit of calling even the semi auto only ones assault rifles, either through ignorance or because it sensationalises the story. They both look very similar(almost identical sometimes) but perform different functions.

Even in countries where semi auto rifles are heavily restricted they are the weapon of choice for pest reduction, animal management, due to magazine capacity and speed of follow up fire
Where ever its legal you can hunt game with whatever high capacity magazine, semi autos you want.
Arguments against hunting with a semi auto, you’ll be carrying more weight due to the high capacity 20-30 rounds magazine(though you can get 5 or 10 round mags).
Under most hunting circumstances for deer sized game or larger you probably won’t be firing too many shots, as even one shot can scatter a herd of animals, or alert other animals in the general area that they are in danger.

Semi autos like AR 15’s are good multipurpose rifles, in that you can use them for hunting, target shooting , or defense.
They seem to be the weapon of choice for mass shootings. However when it comes to military rifles, I would rather be shot with a .223 Ar15 bullet, than a 308, or 30-06 from a bolt action rifle. Vietnam War experience was you stayed down from a body shot from a 308 Cal. A person hit with a .223 could go on fighting and maybe even kill you, unless it was a clean shot to the head.


Its still the wrong question. Firearms of all sorts have been freely available for the entirety of American history. The weapons haven’t changed as much as people tend to think. People have changed.
There are over 300 million guns in the US. It’s not a bell you can unring.
There question isn’t the weapons, it’s why are people doing stupid evil shit with them, now.
I am for proper, comprehensive background checks, but otherwise not much will change until people change.
An ‘assault’ rifle is just a gun. There is nothing special about them. You take one kind of gun, assholes will just use another kind.

Or hell, a bag of fertilizer and diesel fuel with nails in it will make a hell of a bomb.

We need a sea-change in our thinking. You cannot regulate mass murder. A determined person will find a way. The tools to pull it off are always in reach.


Uh, the difference between rifles can be broken down basically to the caliber of bullets that it can fire and its rate of fire.

The fact that the guy wanted to hunt boars with an AR-15, which I assume is the rifle you’re referring to here, doesn’t tell people much besides that he may want a higher rate of fire vs those bolt-action rifles that you always see people use in movies or some such.

From what I’ve heard, boars are nasty and big. I would be really scared if I was a bad shot and missed with a bolt-action rifle against a hundred-something lb boar that is pissed off at me. Or if I was a bad shot and hit the boar at a bad spot and lost my target while struggling to reload.

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Yet that didn’t stop you from making a thread about something you know nothing about, except to probably get a little gun bashing in, right?

What is a “simple rifle”? " people roaming the woods with assault rifles to kill animals"

Are you serious with that crap?

“AR” does not mean “assault rifle”. It means, " ArmaLite Rifle". “Assault rifle” is media shit. Hunting calibers and regulations are set by each state. If a 5.56 / .223 is legal in your state then it is legal to hunt with. No state allows fully auto weapons for hunting. So, your question: do you need an “Assault rifle” for hunting is trolling. When I was working in Africa, the locals shot plenty of antelope with the old FN 7.62’s , I guess they were just too hungry to worry about the assault rifle angle.

You are letting the media do your thinking for you. If you are going to make a comment about “people roaming the woods with assault rifles”, then know what you are talking about.

If you are going to call something an assault rifle, learn a little history:



You should use a bow and arrow to give the stag a fighting chance.


You obviously haven’t been paying any attention to the OP since he joined. He’s made a few threads about polarizing issues, and each time did so with an impressively open mind and candor.

Hardly the “create a thread to bash guns” type


Military style rifles are designed to be the most effective in a fight. That means that they will be effective for home defense, personal defense, and hunting. Perhaps not always optimal, but effective. Obviously hunting existed before firearms. Doesn’t mean they aren’t effective for hunting.
If you want a specific discussion about “assault rifles.” define your terms.

What’s an assult rifle?

Car guys want faster cars.

Headphone kids want bigger headphones.

Everybody wants more performance.

If you hunt, and hunt different game, in different conditions, sometimes you need different performance from your guns. Small shotguns for small birds. Big rifles for big game. The differences in firearms can be interesting. Like selecting golf clubs, or using fancy shoes to squat.

If you hunt, and shoot some targets, sometimes you want to do crazy stuff. You don’t need it, but you want to see these Tools perform. Like get a super high powered rifle, so you can develop the skill to shoot targets 800 yards away. Or blast a refrigerator with an AR-15, for fun.

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I don’t see the connection between fighting and hunting. They seem to be more like opposites.

Gun control advocates often say they want to ban “military style” guns.

Name a type of gun that hasn’t been used by military.


Love gun.


Does it shoot flowers?

It shoots rock and roll.



Isn’t .223 illegal to hunt large game a lot of places because it’s too underpowered?

Seems to me the drawback of hunting with an AR would be a lack of stopping power if you are talking about something like a boar.

Also, the weapon of choice in mass shootings is overwhelmingly pistols, not rifles.

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Not sure how they can be opposites. Both involve a requirement to accurately hit and stop a biological target.

A firearm that is useful to a soldier almost certainly can be used by a hunter to reasonable effect. Hunting is possible with a spear, so it’s not meaningful to discuss what firearms are required for hunting.

I’m an aspiring bow hunter, but it’s not necessarily a more humane way to harvest deer.

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