Is an 8 Week Test-E Cycle too Short?

Hey guys, I’m about for weeks into a test-e cycle (500mg/week) and anavar 50mg a day. I am wondering about simply doing test-e for the next 5 weeks same dosage. Is an 8 week cycle to short and pointless? Should I make it into 12 weeks. Also I am not taking any AI’s with this cycle. I have access to them if needed, but I figured I would play it by ear to see if I experienced any negative sides. So far so good. (I’ve read conflicting arguments to the overuse of AIs. Thanks for any input our guys can give me

It really depends. What are you stats, how long have you been training.

Whats your diet like. To me 8weeks is a waste of time. you havent really even started getting benefits at week 4.

Yeah 8 weeks for enanthate is not a complete waist but you are just getting to the really good part at 6-8 weeks. Definitely push it to 12 if you can.

As far as AI goes. Everyone is different. I know I aromatize more than the next guy so I bloat, get blood pressure spikes, and get sensitive nipples when I use to 'play it by ear." If this is not your first cycle then you should know if you had issues on previous cycles. If this is your first cycle and later in the cycle you start seeing issues or if you see a drop in libido then see if a low steady dose of AI improves your situation. It is good that you can get the AI at moments notice, so many guys just say fuck it on their first cycle and a number of them end up with issues. It really is a personal choice to use AI. We need the estrogen to gain properly not to mention function biologically properly. Just some guys are sensitive to the increase when on a cycle. You only really know if you react to the increase by going on a cycle and paying attention to yourself.

If you are interested in how to dose the AI and how to dial it in for yourself then we need to know what you have available. Some stuff is consistent across the different AIs as far as use then there are some differences. Wouldn’t want to confuse you by trying to write a comprehensive multi compound guide.

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I am a lot less experienced that most on this board, but my opinion is the following:

You going to the trouble and risk of completely shutting down your natural testosterone productions, why not maximize the benefits? As previously stated, the test really only starts working well in week 4-6, so you are essentially only using half of the available time window of opportunity. Most would agree that 12-14 week cycles are very safe and you should recover without any issues.