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Is America Anti-Healthy?


Anyone that frequents T-Nation knows what I am talking about.

We constantly read posts about people telling us testosterone is bad, having lean mass is unattractive, fat people are people too.

I think its getting worse. Schools in america are now banning protein supplements while installing vending machines with snickers bars and chips, pepsi and the latest versions of coke.

Running and squatting is bad on the knees.

McDonalds keep sprouting up everywhere.

"virtual sports" in the form of video games fly off the shelves.

People keep telling me how out of shape this country is. Its clearly self inflicted. Not only because of a lack of will, but also out of pure ignorance.

Where will it head? Where does this leave us, the T-Men?


I means you're stronger, healthier, and most likely look better than those people. I stopped worrying about other people getting continually more fat because it means I continually look better.


I will add that it sucks being a personal trainer, as the average joe looking for help is more stubborn due to shit like this. They are less likely to want to squat, or deadlift, or use free-weights as they get a bad rep. They come ask for help, then refuse it becuase it doesn't correspond to their current beliefs about fitness.


I say:
Go Darwin!


Yes, this became very apparent to me when I got serious about my workouts and nutrition, and started to get looked at as "weird", while people who let their chubbiness into fatness into obesity spiral out of control.

I think it mostly has to do with the whole ignorance is bliss deal. Everybody knows generally what food is healthy and what isn't, so it really takes a conscious effort to continually shovel garbage into your mouth each and everyday, all the while avoiding physical activity.

Fat/lazy people can feel fine about their state of existance as long as they're surrounded by people doing the same thing. That's why they get that disgusted look on their face when they find out you're drinking a protein shake, or why they say you're "weird" or "obsessed" when they find out you to go the gym more than 3 days a week, because it's at that moment that they feel their sloth is really exposed.

And where will it come to a head? It won't, drug companies will just continue to get richer and richer developing anti-obesity drugs. On the same token, I really wish I would've become a cardiac surgeon...


I just had a conversation involving this topic with my g.f.

I think that in general- People have a skewed opinion on what is "good".

Something is good because it says so on the brightly colored box.

Good is loaded with more shit than your average can of paint, and has a better shelf life too. Otherwise it would go "bad".

Me- I like goofy shit, like hummus on whole grain toast, heavy deads, and explosive squats.


I think it's going to come to the demise of the western world, and most of Europe too. Some sand-dwelling culture is going to kill off our over-fat, video game playing, anti-exercise citizens just by being less fat and able to outrun them. Our technology is kick-ass for sure, and so are our supplements. Our will-power, determination, and ability to convey effort fucking sucks collectively. Where the hell did it all go?

I know TC wrote this up several times but it never gets old. I'm glad that I didn't have more than 3 channels on my dad's TV growing up. I'm glad that I don't have any cable TV right now. I'm glad that the Playstation 2 that I own hasn't seen the power button pushed since it was given to me. I'm glad that I only owned a bicycle and good shoes growing up. I'm glad that I spent my bonus money on a power rack. I'm glad that I have will-power. Thanks mom and dad for making my lazy ass walk everywhere, and for never giving in on that video game phase every kid has.


And everyone wonders why, every week, a skinny guy starts a picture thread looking for an ego stroke. The reason is simple: skinny guys with a little bit of muscle are pretty fucking built compared to the average fatty (or skinny fatty) walking around these days. As a result, it's not hard for a skinny guy to have it go to his head, only to be smacked down after starting a picture thread.


Don't forget anti-intelligence.

Ideal American life is all the rewards with none of the work. Good personal trainers or anyone who influences people to workout correctly are an asset to this culture because they cause people to break out of this mold at least for exercise.

I'm so glad I'm not in high school anymore, the food was terrible, nothing healthy but apples and bananas.

But I still like Halo 2.


Exactly. Rather than working to avoid this, society is just becoming more accepting of a constantly falling "norm".


I have a fat friend that thinks I am mentally imbalanced (which I probably am) because I compulsively diet and exercise. I personally do not think my diet or exercise program has a down side.


The real irony is, although I've never been to the United States, there appears to be a gym on every street corner in New York, and more variety in healthy, well-tasting food in shops and stores available than anywhere else on the planet.

How do you people do it ?

Unfortunately, from what I hear and read, moderation is not as widely dealt.


Most people live in parts of the country in which you can find a Mcdonalds, a church, or a Church's Chicken on every corner rather than a gym. There are healthier regions of the country, but they are limited in extent and the difference isn't that huge.


That's really too bad.

I wonder how this can be though. Over here, you can get french fries on burger stands in most streets on all hours of the day, and most people I know go there at least once a week.

But besides that, most college students I see here eat pretty healthy. Either they make decent grub themselves, or get it from their mom's.

The next generation is a different animal though, but still, they are somewhat conscious about what they eat and do.

I sure hope America can help itself with those campaigns for health-awareness. Otherwise it'll spread quickly to other countries, like it's doing right now.


I feel fairly safe saying that the problem will get worse....much worse. And spread farther too. When McDonald's get to Baghdad, we'll be really screwed. Health insurance companies should reject people who got fat from inactivity, diet, being a dumbass. That may eventually cause people to look toward making efforts to better themselves physically.


America definitely has a gorwing obesity problem that simply can't be ignored. The general physical education programs in public schools are horrendous to say the least, and people just keep complainaing without any aciton on their part. This is why we have fat people suing McDonalds, as if it it's Ronald McDonald's fault they go there every day and eat like a pig. Stop bitching, start exercising, and change your diet around.


it'll only be a matter of time until video game championships are replacing the superbowl, BCS and march madness to a national televised audience.

hell, look at the success of poker... what the fuck?


America's Motto:

Fuck Personal Responsibility


They don't reject people, they just charge a higher premium. Since the vast majority of people are unhealthy though, they just charge the higher premium to everyone as the standard rate.


There's nothing inherently wrong with poker or video games. I play both yet I'm healthy. Like all the other "vices" it's the individual rather than the activity which is to blame for problems. Eveything in moderation.