Is All Whey Whey, or Is There a Difference?

Curious as to what everyone thinks, I’m currently ordering my first thing of protein in a long time as I try to get it all from food. But on the website I see there is like 4 different types of whey and im reading the nutritional values and its all within a few degrees.

Would you go for the grass fed whey, normal whey or economy whey?

Whatever is most cost efficient protein wise. Whey is already high quality protein so should be good to go whichever you get. I’m cheap so would do some maths and work out cost/serving/g of protein to decide.

Say economy whey is $X / scoop or serving / 21g protein vs Isolate which is $Y / scoop / 27g protein

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Why not just get Metabolic Drive? You know, from the company that sponsors this forum. It really is that good.

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Price difference and as much as I love this forum I love a good old fashioned Canadian company.

also just checked amazon Canada and its out of stock. I would have to order online and the price difference, with exchange, duty taxes and shipping doesn’t seem like a good investment. I am sure it is that good, unless someone can point me to a Canadian retailer that’s competitively priced?

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There was just an in-depth article on this site, maybe a week ago, that went through exactly what you’re asking. I would search that on the front page

I’m sure their whey is good quality, but some of us stay away from artificial flavors and sucralose (or at least I do).

I personally like Sprouts Whey Protein. It has both whey isolate and concentrate, natural flavors, no added sugars or artificial sweeteners. It tastes very good, as well (I like the vanilla the best). It’s pretty cost effective as you can usually get it on sale for $32 for 2 lbs.

Very tasty but overpriced