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Is AI Necessary?

My first test after being on TRT for 10 weeks said my estridiol went from 21(pre trt) to 22.9.

I am taking:
100mg twice per week Monday and Thursday (total 200mg/wk)
250 iu M/W/F hcg
.5mg anastrozole Tues and Friday

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I’m 42
My total T was 1500
My Free T was 39.4
after 10 weeks of trt

Prior to TRT my total T was 310 and Free T was 5.8

I was told by my Dr. that estrogen should go up with the testosterone and have read a few things stating the same. I’m wandering if I even need to mess with anastrozole.

You are already taking 1mg of anastrozole/week. Your E2 levels are good. Why would you mess with that?

E2=22pg/ml is the target, so you are optimal.

Keep doing what you are doing now.

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Note that many here have some thyroid/iodine issues. So note those in the above reading.

Elevated E2 can reduce your FT, energy, mood, libido and sexual performance.

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When I read the title of your post, I thought, what does Artificial Intelligence have to do with weight lifting? Shows you where my mind goes…