Is "ADHD" Just Neurotypes 1 and 2?

Hey Coach Thibaudeau,
I’ve heard you described people with neurotype 2 as having “Training ADD” so I’m wondering: Could ADHD just be Neurotypes 1 & 2?

  • Neurotype 1 (“Novelty Seeking Type”) :arrow_forward: Low dopamine :arrow_forward: Hyperactive ADHD :arrow_forward: “Can’t stay still” / “Can’t multitask” / “Risk taker” / “Impulsive”
  • Neurotype 2 (“Reward Seeking Type”): :arrow_forward: Low norepinephrine :arrow_forward: Inattentive ADHD :arrow_forward: “Hard time making decisions” / “Hard time staying on a program”

ADHD has been described as a type of Reward Deficiency Syndrome, and people with inattentive ADHD respond well to Ritalin, a drug that selectively increase norepinephrine levels in the prefrontal cortex.

This would seem to explain why ADHD is “so common” (10% of adults diagnosed in 2015), particularly if the majority of people are Type 3. What do you think? :brain:

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Just to illustrate what you say:

I am asperger with ADHD. I score high in 1A, 1B. 2A is moderate, 2B is low.

Obviously each things that can impact neurotransmitter might impact personality and as a result, neurotyping. Now, I am not competent enough to tell if ADHD would bring you to a false results or that it is just a part of your personnality which is fine.

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