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Is AAS for Me?


Hi, first time poster, long time reader.

I am 23 years old, 6'3, 215 lbs and around 10% bf. I have been training since I was 17 at 6'3 145 lbs and up until this point gained 70 lbs of muscle all natural.

Although I don't feel like I am at my natty limit, I think I am getting there, and have been considering adding some extra help by means of a first cycle, looking something like:

(w 1-10) Test E 500 mg/week
(w 1-10) Adex .25 mg/EOD
(w 11-14) Nolva 40/40/20/20

I am not looking into cycle advice as much, but I have two main concerns.

  1. My sex life is very important to me and I would be attempting to hide AAS use from my partner. With a relatively soft cycle of this nature how long will the period be where I have trouble getting it up after the cycle? Or is that not much of a concern?

  2. MPB runs in my Dad's side of the family (do not know if this Mom's side stuff is true) and major hair loss for me would definitely be a big enough downside for me to stay natty. If I were to take propecia or something I am guessing this would make the sex drive concern even greater?

In conclusion, considering major hair loss or inability to get errect for a couple weeks would both be devastating for me, is AAS not for me?


My two cents:

If you have to hide it, that's not worth it in my opinion. Sneaking around is no fun.

If you have a genetic predisposition to MPB, then you will likely accelerate the process with AAS. The mother's side thing is true, but remember that it's her mother's side too. So if she had no brothers, you'd have to look to her maternal uncles.

I never had an issue with erections during PCT. I think that careful planning can help avoid this, but again I think that indisposition plays a role.

Lastly, I think you've got some natural gains still in store for you, but they may come slower, now that you are bigger and stronger. I'd keep at it natural if I was you.


MPB can come from either your Mom or Dad's side. You may have had the gene passed down to you from your father, or you may not have.


You're not going to have a case of limp-dick during or after PCT. Trying to hide the fact that your on gear from your partner will be hard (pun intended) in two senses: One- the fact that you're getting significantly bigger (muscles) and two- you'll be horny as fuck. They'll know something's different.
If you're worried about the chance of speeding up the balding process, then maybe it's not for you.


Actually I was thinking about it incorrectly, her father is not bald but I suppose that is irrelevant and I will consider her brother and uncles, thank you. Also I agree that I still have natural gains in me, I am posting this thread both for consideration now and consideration down the road. Good post.

What makes you certain I will not have erection problems? The specific cycle proposed?

I also think I probably could hide it with other lies lol (oh I'm bulking + creatine + two a days look at me go! or this drug I have gotten prescribed for xxxxmadeupsickness is making me super horny), she just has a problem with steroids for whatever reason. It probably isn't a good way to continue a healthy relationship though and I appreciate the advice. Good post as well, I will ponder that advice, I am in no rush to start if I even ever do.


Yes- the Test isn't going to kill your libido like other compounds can and also from my own personal experience with Test it's always been a smooth transition from overly horny to back to normal.


Cool, thank you muchly


How are you going to explain it when you magically grow some tits? Is she bisexual by any chance, she might dig it.


she is actually... but I doubt she is looking for both parts on one mate.


Lots of good posts on here.

Here is my two cents...

You are tall, and it sounds like you know how to work out and build muscle. I think another 20lbs over 1-2 years should come to u pretty easily without cycling. That being said...

All of us take the risks involved with AAS whether it be bitch tits, left ventricular hypertrophy, prostate issues, shrunken testes etc etc.

You have to decide what is a worthy risk...

How long have you been with this girl; and what exactly does she say about steroids?


If you do decide to juice, don't tell your gf. You never know when it might come back in your face. Get some cialis or viagra and you'll be fine.


Mostly I think she just doesn't want me to be bigger, and also is concerned about the health side effects. She's also against like creatine and nitrous oxide supplements. Mostly just lacks knowledge about workout supplements, thinks they harm health and does not want me to be a 250 lb monster lol. We have been together for a bit over 2 years and I would like to continue for a long time.

I have pretty much decided that I am going to push hard until my 25th birthday and then depending where I am I compared to my goals, decide on AAS use or not.


I agree, especially in a break-up situation or something. We'll see where I am in 2 years.

Thanks guys, I have made up my mind, but nevertheless feel free to keep commenting. Two years gives me lots of time to do more research haha.


I think you are coming to the right conclusion. I agree with a lot of what the others on here have said, regarding 'the girlfriend' issues as well as sexual function. There is always temporary viagra or cialis usage, if your sexual function or drive is impaired/diminished after cycle and PCT then that is something to be concerned with and would require further investigation.

Relating to the female, hiding it is best if you plan on nothing long term. BUT, if you are in a long term, and plan on being married, then this is something you should NOT have to hide, and she should either be supportive or at least condone it by not saying 'Its the steroids or me!!!' or something similarly ludicrous.


lmao @ the second paragraph. Point taken though lol. Lots to think about.


I think the best way for you to handle this is through education. Educate her on what you're doing and why you're doing it and address/debunk all the 'steroid-myths'. You'd be surprised how many people will come around. Maybe have her watch Bigger Stronger Faster- it does a good job. I took my old lady to see that two years ago and now she does all my injections :stuck_out_tongue: Way better than having to sneak around and try to hide shit.


haha you might be under-estimating how stubborn she is. I haven't seen that Bigger Stronger Faster, going to watch now


wow, great movie, tempted to show my Dad but not looking forward to answering the questions afterwards lol