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Is a Transition Week Necessary Before New Routine?

Hi everyone
Greetings from India
Hope everyone is maintaining their sanity. (A movie star here recently commited suicide, we’re all very sad about the news)
Anyway, in my many years of training i have tried many types of workout routines, but never tried high intensity training (HIT) .
but i read that article about Colorado experiment:fact or fiction…
I have decided to try my own version of that same routine (need to improvise because of the limitations with equipment at home)
I have a heavy duty Olympic barbell a trap bar and 230 kilo weight plates , alongwith a squat/bench rack with safety bars and dips and pull-up attachment and an adjustable bench
Having never tried this kind of workout ever, do i need to do a similar kind of workout the week before i actually attempt those 14 workouts?


You should be okay, there are lots of eccentric focussed movements and sets to failure. These will probably make you pretty sore if you’ve never done them before. That’s the only consideration. Good luck, looks tough lol

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I would, especially if there is any doubt your tendons/ligaments/joints aren’t prepared for the new level of stress. Do a trial week with ultra-light weight and lots of foam rolling, see what kind of warmups and cooldown fit best with the new routine. Repeat again with 25% of target weight, 50% target, 75%, then 4 weeks later you’re ready to rip it. If you’re worried about losing gains just add a pared-down version of whatever you’ve been doing. It’s better to stay where you are than go backwards with an injury, 4 weeks is nothing on the kind of gains you will make with the new program if you can enter it healthy and ready to rock!

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