Is a Test for Testosterone Supposed to be Fasted?

I ordered a test so I could see where I am at before I have to go for doctor labs in a few weeks. I do every 3.5 days of 100mg each. I tested at trough but not fasted(per quest) and around 2pm and my levels were over 2300. Could the not fasting be an issue? I anticipated being 900-1100 based on past labs. What else can sqew this labs? I have doctor bloods in 3 weeks and it would def be an issue to have numbers like that.

Last time I was tested I was at 1365 or so on the same protocal except it was sustanton that was UGL and the doctor switched me to a coumpounded cyp80/enth80/prop20 mix. Could the UGL of been that underdosed? I’m prob gonna have to skip injections for the next couple weeks to get that number down.
Is there a way to calc where I would be based on the current protocol?

Doesn’t matter

Something is off about this though, or you have the most amazing response in history. Sustanon is 250 mg, and you are now getting 180 mg compounded. What was your dosing schedule before? How are you dosing to be at 100mg a shot? Is your mix 180mg/mL? per 2mL?

The compounded is 200mg split cyp80/enth80/prop40. I inject every 3.5 days. Monday morning and thursday night. The last injection before the test was the monday. Been on this protocal for 8 weeks. Sus was i injection per week on a friday. Bloods back then were drawn friday morning before the shot so it was 7 days. Last shot of sus was the friday before I started the doctors protocal so there was a touch of overlap but that shouldn’t matter 8 weeks later?
On a side note I feel way better on this protocal than the sus. My problem now is that I tested a high reading and can’t have the same when I get doctor bloods on 10/23. My plan for now is just to not take any more shots until then ans feel shitty for a bit. I also don’t want to get bloods and have a super low number. :frowning:

Edit:I did my last shot this past thurday night and bloods were taken thursday aternoon. 10/1

So, you went from a 4 ester blend that would largely have left your system by trough measurement, certainly to prop portion was gone and probably the TPP as well, and most of the isocaproate. The decanoate would hang around for a while though. Now, you are taking a blend that doesn’t make a lot of sense. Cypionate and Enanthate in equal portion, which is basically the same thing twice, plus a good shot of Prop. So, it is not a surprise that you test higher on this blend. The half life of Enanthate is roughly the same as the effective life of Cypionate, and twice weekly will give you a higher trough over once a week anyway. That is just plain a high dose for you.

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That is what the doc prescribed. He usually uses cream but I didn’t want it. The Sus was UGL that I had seld prescibed after my last cycle ended as a bridge to the doc prescibed HRT so I wouldn’t have to PCT and then back on again. Told the doc what I was doing and he was ok with it and somehow calculated the compounded dose (or guessed) based on my labs that showed me at 1365 while taking the sus a week after the injection. Any way to calc how my levels should drop day over day? I ploted it on but I really don’t understand how the numbers correlate to test values in the system.

The rate of drop is individual, everybody has their own rate of absorption and processing. I would start with cutting the dose to 80mg per injection and see where that puts me. Or, just skip a shot when you have labs. You may not actually feel any different down in range than where you are right now.

Thanks Artery. I think i’m going to skip the shot this monday and then test again on thursday. That would be 1 week between shots. I’ll see where i’m at from there. The turn around was 2 days last test so should have a pretty quick direction. I’ll revisit this thread once I get results.

So I skipped monday shot and tested yesterday and levels were 200 higher than last week!!
How is this possible? Would have thought they would be on the way down.

How are you testing? Is this a blood draw at quest or labcorp or the like or a finger stick or saliva? Those last 2 are unreliable.

I dunno, wait another week and do the test again?

All tests were performed at quest. The funny thing was the range from the doctor labs upper end was 1100 and the range upper end from the 2 tests I paid for was 827. Both were drawn at the same facility.

You did different tests. That’s why the numbers are so different. What your doctor ordered and what you orderd were different forms of the test, so it isn’t correct to say that this one came back “Higher”.

Right but I purchased two tests. The first was done 3 days after injection of 1/2 ml. The second was done 7 days after injection of 1/2 ml. The 7 day came out higher. I would have thought it would have been considerably lower.

Were those both with the same range? If so, I would think you they screwed up one of the tests. It happens.

Yes both tests I paid for had the same range. I’m getting to close to doctor bloods now to try and tune in more. Just gonna let it ride and see what happens. I could prob push out bloodwork appt 1 week and still have results to the doctor in time.