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Is a Shot Wasted if it Gets Into Your Blood?

Pinned yesterday. Aspirated first and drew back blood. Pulled out and moved over a little. Aspirated again and was good to go. Injected slowly. Everything went well. 5 minutes later, I got that horrible rush you feel when some gets in a vein. It was much more intense than others I’ve felt before. I think i punctured a vein in my first attempt, then didnt move far enough away from the site and test from my second shot made it into my bloodstream. I didnt get the cough at all though. My question is…is some or all of the shot waisted? Should I pin a partial dose to make up for it? My e2 is perfect right now with my ai dose and I dont want to throw that off. Thanks guys

No you don’t need to inject extra.

There is no need to aspirate. You are doing intramuscular injections. You didnt inject into a vein. I wouldnt worry about puncturing a vein. Any time you get lab work or donate blood, they get punctured. I have been pinning the same leg, roughly the same spot for months now. I only do quad injections. You probably hit a nerve.

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“Need” is a funny word.


Thanks for ththe reply. its reassuring to know the shot isn’t waisted. However, I absolutely do need to aspirate! There are blood vessels in muscles. If you happen to inject into one of them, there is potential for heart attack from the oil hitting your heart. Also, you get a horrible rush that flows through your body. It’s happenedto me once in a quad injection, and I’ve read of many other examples. If you’re not aspirating, I highly recommend you start!

Thanks man

What kind of advice is this…

Of course you should aspirate, just because you inject IM doesnt mean you cant hit a vein or blood vessel.

If he hit the wrong spot might’ve well been possible to have passed through a vein or artery.

I’m with @newbvet on this one. Crossing a vein is one thing, managing to inject into it is another. They don’t even teach aspirating to nurses anymore for IM.

I used to always aspirate. It’s the way I was taught. I think it’s one of those things that’s kinda going away. I’ve read nurse’s aren’t even instructed to do it anymore

Show me your proof or evidence to support your claims. Not bro science. I can provide some to support mine.


The rationale for aspiration has traditionally been to avoid inadvertent intravenous administration of the medication.

More bro science. There are no major arteries in your quads that run to your heart.


Well yeah nurses, and guys who know where the proper spots are.

But maybe some guys who arent so experienced yet might pin wrong.

Sure they won’t die but it isn’t exactly pleasant to cough for 10 mins straight have a rapid heart rate and sweating for half an hour.

Ok even if one doesnt hit an artery, have you ever injected into a nerve. Not exactly the greatest experience either lol.

But now you are changing stories, the original topic was aspiration and what terrible advice I gave. Aspirating has nothing to do with hitting nerves. I hit one all the time. They are unpleasant, but it passes as soon as you pull out. You can hit a nerve whether you aspirate or not. Its just that there is no benefit to aspirating for IM injections.

Ok please do an IM injection at a blood vessel and aspirate, then only proceed if blood came out.

Let me know how you felt.

Sorry, I am not a moron trying to aim for vessels. I just jab and go. Stop acting like a vagina because your ole bro science was wrong.

Dumbass I’m speaking for new guys, look it’s not my problem since I don’t jab like a retard.

But imo it’s still best for newbs to aspirate period.

“Take home: aspiration is not needed for IM injections if proper technique and
location is used EXCEPT for the dorsogluteal site where it should be used.”

So yes for guys who are experienced and know where to jab, but for some it’s better to aspirate, especially newbs who are still learning.

Like I said, show me your supporting evidence that its better to aspirate. Otherwise, your bro science is horseshit. Provide links, articles, anything. And I am the dumbass because I am supposed to know you are referencing new guys? lol You are a joke.

Key part of this article:

Aspiration is generally not recommended during IM injection of medications with a low risk of adverse effects if the medication is inadvertently injected systemically instead of via the IM route”

Testosterone is not a medication with a low risk of adverse effects. It can cause extremely adverse reactions

I really honestly feel like I am becoming stupider for reading you bro science dudes comments, responses and reasoning.

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