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Is a Sauna Good for Sinus Cold?


wondering if i schould lift with a cold


yes...but the best thing for a cold is after you lift or just whenever to get in the steam room with a bottle of half water half orange juice. i used to do this all the time...steam room, then a warm shower and good meals and sleep




rite on thanks for the info



steam room


Why the 50/50 water orange juice?


It's the next big thing after squats and milk.

You never heard?


orange juice to keep the vitamin C up and water to stay really hydrated while youre sweating out the cold


lock yourself in a small brick building and set off a couple of CS (tear gas) canisters.

Take a deep breath and recite your name, job, and social security number. Dont leave until you can get all of the above information out.

And then run out of the building flapping your arms like an idiot, dry heaving with snot running to the ground.

Consider your sinus infection taken care of.


Or take some mucinex - much more pleasant, but not as amusing!


Not sure if they are T-manly...but neti pots work. Just use it before you shower, and blow all that garbage out.


what is a "neti pot"....whatever works works


Neti pot - nasal irrigation with a warm saline solution. As long as you aren't completely stuffed up so you can't breathe, it will flush the gunk out and leave you feeling clean and moisturized. I heart mine.


I do a 90/10 OJ to water content because I think OJ's major component is already H20.