Is a Longer Duration Restart More Successful?

Hey I was wondering if anyone had any studies, and or personal stories that showed longer duration restarts are more successful than short term. is there any damage that can be done to the hpta from staying on clomid too long? Overstimulation? How about liver?


Have you read the stickies about HTPA restart?

I’ve read them yes. This is more where I’m going with this. I’m wondering on a super taper. Say going from 12.5 EOD to every 3 days for 2 weeks, every 4 days for two weeks, every 5 days for 2 weeks, every 6 days for 2 weeks, and finally once a week for 2 weeks. Would there be any benefit to this system rather than a fast tapper going from EOD to to every 3 days and off completely? To me it seems this would be the best chance of the restart sticking and your body slowly finding homeostasis. But I have nothing to prove that or back it up